Life is a serious matter.

Saturday, June 30, 2007



         A feeling of relief overwhelmed me. Exams had finished and holidays are coming. A month of exhausting and tiring hours, struggling through days and nights, burning the midnight oil, yeah tiresome but alhamdulillah, i'm done and hoping that life would be back to normal without bags under my eyes anymore and that horrid sleepy face! =)
         Be back in a few days, can't wait to see my parents, my family, my home! just a few more days...
         Well, I'll be starting my practical in a month. First new experience for me, don't know how it would be, but for a start, lets make the best out of it. =>
         Enough for now, insyaALLAH will post more in the future. Lots of stories to share, bad and good, after all it's been a very interesting term this year.

~start packing~ =D