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Monday, July 31, 2006

Focus and realize, it’s a test from Him!

I’m not feeling okay at the time I typed this post. My ulcer is getting worse. I can’t eat properly, worst of all, I can’t swallow. I take times to finish eating. It’s just the throbbing pain each times I tried to chew the food. I hope it gets better sooner, I miss eating very much. Now I know how hard it is to live without food. Sometimes I just forget when I had too much food to eat. But now it’s no use to have so much food when you can’t taste it without feeling pain at all.

Dad said once, maybe it’s some kind of Kifarah to you, to remind you of His blessings onto us before. Disease is not to be grumble about, but to be understood as a test to us, so that we’ll always remember that there is no one powerful except Him.

Thanx, dad! I’ll always remember that. Ouch!!!

Ways we can help our Muslim friends in the Middle East

I think we (the one without authority) can’t stop whatever violence happens now and then in the Middle East by shouting, staring, screaming, crying and just commenting. While we’re laughing, talking, smiling, living happily like as if nothing had happened, our Muslim friends are suffering and they were slaughtered, killed, tortured etc.

So, here’s some useful tips (you know what I’m saying =>) that my thoughtful friend kindly sharing it with me via e-mail. I guess it is as a no surprise to you as it is to me because it’s not a new thing, only that I considered some of it as new to me, like Doctor House and Donald Trump are Israelis supporters. Back then, I used to watch Doctor House and The Apprentice, Trump’s famous business show.

Have a read then and tell me what’s in your mind or maybe you can share some others useful things so that we can all open our blocked mind…

1. Stop demonstrating…Why? Because it will certainly makes bad reputations of Islam. As we all know, Islam means 'Salam' or Peace...Even in history of Islam, Prophet Muhammad didn't like war or violent. Prove? When Hamzah Abu Talib asked Prophet Muhammad to fight back kefir Quraisy, he certainly reluctant to it...until a wahyu sent by Gabriel stated Allah permits war in order to protect people...So, do not go and demonstrate…It will do you no good...Besides these political leaders won't listen to your screams...Instead, they will provoke Moslem people more...and you all will give the opportunity for another economy turmoil as what had happened in 1997 and Black Monday... So, don't repeat the same mistakes...

2. Instead, ban Jews products. Goods need to be banned: Coca-Cola, soft drinks, Calvin Klein products, Playboy Magazine...etc...

3. Moreover urge government to stop sending women to enter Miss World and Miss Universe, because the main sponsor is Donald Trump, who isone of the best Jewish businessmen in the world.

4.Banned Desperate Housewives, Grey'sAnatomy, Charmed, Dr House, Las Vegas, Tori Spelling movies and dramas such as Beverly Hills90210, Pokemon, Rugrats, from our local television especially NTV7. As you can see some words, without knowing, can make us to do syiriks ..the story line also if we're not careful, can think that life as a Jew is wonderful ..So beware and alert if you're still watching these...

5. DO a lot of prayers and doa for Palestinian andMoslem in Middle East. This is one of the options to help them because we can't go to fight with them.. So, one of the way is, doa for them. Remember, doa is a powerful weapon forMoslem.

6. Start becoming REAL Moslem. Do what Al-Quran and Al-Hadith told you. If we become real Moslem, we will become stronger... Thus, they won't provoke Moslem. So, start doing now!!!

7. Support Moslem economy by buying Moslem products. Thus it will weaken Jews economy...Hope you'll find it useful...Wassalam

IK : I don’t know if some of the facts are true or not but why all go Israelism when we already knew that we somehow keep supporting them indirectly or more or less bluntly? We’re ignoring one fact, the fact that we’re all so much weak and can’t do nothing else then to just sit and watch when we all know that we can instead weaken them slowly and defeat them successfully back like in the glorious time when the caliphate once ruled half of the globe. I know this gonna sound like some crap talking but if it’s not us, who’s then? You know that there’s time when u have to fight a kick with a kick, and there’s time when u can fight violence with intelligent. I guess it’s time to use mind and be a REAL Muslims not some so-called Liberal or Modern Muslims nowadays.

This is just a reminding in case you forgot! (So much from Ummah Films =D)

I know that there’s some good Jewish/non-Muslim who don’t support the Israelis occupation in Palestine and Lebanon just as we do, so regarding the above facts, no offense made, you know to whom it concerned.

Delete it or go on?

I had this feeling to delete this blog or whatever blogs I have, and all the friendster and My Space profiles I have. A sickening thought yes, considering that I’ve taken so much time during my final second year to build up all of these and suddenly I just want to throw it like it is some kind of rubbish. Well, yeah now it seems rubbish to me, and need to be throw away in garbage far, far away. That thought just occurred to me when I was wasting time wondering on what more useful things I should do. And it just came to me that blogging is a waste of times, I have no use of blogging anymore, moreover I’m not good at writing, I don’t write correct English, I make mistakes, simple grammar mistakes sometimes and people read. I can’t convey whatever feelings I have into words; I just don’t have the talent. And some of the posts look too childish, immature and dense. It’s like I was making no point in continuing this blog. No absolute solid point. All these premises seem to make good arguments but then…..

I wonder why I built this blog the first time. Why am I wasting my whole week trying to update it? Why I have to write it in English when I can use my own mother tongue? Just, why? I know back then, I love blogging, it gave me the satisfaction of knowing that I have a place where I can express just anything I feel, I can say freely anything that’s in my mind, it’s one of the place that I can run away from the real world, it’s a place where I can be me. Weird, though. I made new friends, new online friends who I never saw them faces. But I grew to like them. I want to write and I want to share, that’s why I made this blog, I need someone to read about what I think of this world, what I think about this life and, I want to go worldwide, I want to know more people who might share the same thought like me, I want to learn how the other Muslim friends in the other part of the world think and react, that’s why I make it in English. Also, there are people who do read my blog. And one more important thing, I want to do da’wa. This is the true niyyah, this is it, when I found this one strong reason, I realized, that if I really want to do da’wa, I have to be strong, I have to have knowledge. I have to be consistent; I should talk with al-ilm. I guess I have to learn more and not be scared of the real world I’m facing now.

If I delete all my blogs, I have no satisfaction left for me. If I let it go on, I know I have to trust my own self into getting it going much, much better. Besides I have a responsibility on the other blog which I’m one of the contributors, so I just need to be strong and hold myself together. I must no be defeated by weaknesses inside me. I’ve to finish what I’ve started, right? Stopping in the middle wouldn’t do me any good either; it will make me regret more.

Anyway, this is another post of my nothing-so-important-to-share. I’m kind of paranoid about having blog sometimes, that’s some of the what-can-be-called-symptoms of DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). Creating some new, nice thought to run away from some bad, past memory. Ha! Sounds scary, huh! I’m okay, though. Just as good as other normal human being. =>

See ya!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Random thoughts

Important things I've settled :

Get the stamps from the Ukraine Embassy & Ministry of Higher Education - checked
Tour trip to group mates houses - checked
Bought Merck Manual - checked

Important things not yet settled :

Renew driving license
Visit teachers at old school
Visit Grandma + aunties and uncles = meet relatives
Attend Sakeenah's brother walimah, not hers =p

Things i want to do :

Updated + install all the softwares i need in my notebook (my uncle's friend had formatted my notebook so all the softwares gone )
Updated + install all the softwares + java games in my cellphone. =>
Learn some new secret recipes from my beloved mum. =>
Watch Pirates Of The Carribean 2 : Dead's Man Chest
Finish reading The Merck Manual:Home Edition
Finish reading all the horror/action novels my sis brought home from her school library, cool!
Tutor my siblings for their oncoming BIG exams. Wuarghhhh... =>
Update all my blogs.....

Exciting things i've done this holiday so far is :

Ridden a heart beating roller coaster at Berjaya Times Square.
Tour de Selangor to my friends houses, met their parents and spent one night at one of my friend's house, Madihah in Banting who live near the Morib Beach.
Travel at night with friends (included in the tour program)
Swimming in the sea at the Morib Beach (well, not really swimming, just splashing around =>)Thankfully, there was nobody around because it was a working day.
Got to see the country famous badminton legend, Allahyarham Haji Sidek's House in Banting

Books i intend to finish : (some are with force, of course)

The Merck Manual:Home Edition - reading
Francine Pascal's book on the Fearless Series - reading
Microbiology - Notes!!!! - no progress
Russian's - no progress
All the Medical books i have----Arghhhh.... - the same, no progress
*Hopefully i can find times to go the bookstore to find some educational books to read and some islamic books too, for my next term halaqah.

Things i wonder about everyday, every second :

Why the Arabs turn a deaf ear towards the Lebanon crisis?
What the hell the Israelis want? (although i know this answer already --u know what i'm saying) What will happen to the world in the future with all these world hazardous wars going on today?
When will Bush retire?
When will the Israelis stop their occupation?
Why is the arabs world so stupid? (regarding the Miss Arab World)
Argh...i hate the news!!!

Last night i woke up in shock of my dream. I dreamt i was in a country somewhere-i had no idea- where i think there's war going on-i heard the bombs, the guns, the shooting, i heard people cry-i was in a room, in a house preparing for something i'm not sure of-running or heading for the battle, sweating and i don't know where my family is and before i knew it-i woke up just so suddenly...
After that, i said a prayer for the people in Palestine and Lebanon- i just can't imagine what are they doing right now-is it the same with that in my dream? If it is... very sad=<

Friday, July 21, 2006

A Peace-letter to the World,

Dear fellow brothers and sisters of this Earth,

This letter is not spam or junk mail. It is the voice coming out from a human heart, a voice shared by billions of other people on earth. A voice shared by you- I am sure. A voice screaming out for peace and tolerance. A voice screaming out telling the world that terror has no religion or cast or colour. A voice which says terror is not Islamic or Jewish or Christian or Hindu or Buddhist. It is just terror. A voice that wants peace for ever man and woman. I believe that everybody irrespective of their religion or race deserves the right to live a respectable and peaceful life. I condemn all acts of terror and killing, it does not matter if these terrorists call themselves Islamic terrorists or not. According to me they are not Islamic terrorists because Islam never teaches to kill. It does not matter if these people are Israeli forces, attacking civilians in Lebanon. They are not Jews, they are simply terrorists. It does not matter if these people are ones exploding bombs in trains in London and Mumbai.It does not matter if it is bush sending innocent American troops to fight in Iraq. These are all forms of the same enemy- the enemy which spreads hate amongst religions. An enemy which spreads death.

Let us all unite and urge people to stop this hate and this war.

Let us all live together and support an earth with peace. Please join us by visiting our site http://muslimunity.blogspot.com/ and writing and being a part of our family and also send this e-mail out to everybody you know. Because now is the time to act. It is the time to stop the hate by raising our voices.

We do not want a world filled with hate and war. We want peace, and we will get it.
Please support us as fellow humans for our pursuit to peace. For war to stop in every corner of the world.

Peace Will Win!

A fellow human being,



Please send this letter to each and every person you know. It is the least we all can do.

The neverending story...

Salam brothers and sisters..

So, i watched the news on TV, read the daily newspapers, read comments on people's blogs, listened to what others have to say, and do i have any conclusion yet? Not that i'm aware of...

My three full weeks of holidays had been a really bored one. With my siblings all going to school everyday, leaving me home alone. What can i say, they will all have their major exams this year, BIG exams.

Back to what i was just saying, yeah I've been on the track about this Israel-Lebanon crisis, shocking news and everything, i really don't know where all of this lead to or what it supposed to mean, u heard me right, -I DON"T KNOW- I really got all confused with what happened, not that i don't understand, it's just that, things got mixed up.

People had their say and with proof too, some are just so emotional raised up, some with a really relevant thought, some with good educational base, some with political interest and some are just for fun. No, i don't want to say about Bush or about Hezbullah or about Ehud Olmert. They have received a lot of critics, comments, and everything there is to say about them. They're world famous people. Everybody have at least something to say about them, so why should i add more chaos?

If u're reading my post, it seems that i'm making no point, right? Let me tell you, i was raised in a no state of war, feeling safety all the time, no threats, nobody holding gun in front of my eyes, never in my life i see someone is shoot down, or at least cry losing one of family member in my very eyes because of war. I only watched and to feel it, is not the same to actually be there, in the field of battle. Yeah, i can cry, i can say the Israel is bad, i can say the U.S goverment is evil, i can feel sad, i can also feel hatred, i can feel it! But i can't feel the pain...and this is it, what the victims of the war felt, pain inside and outside....

I can't imagine if it's my house they bomb, i can't imagine if it's my brother they shoot down, nor i can't imagine myself holding some pistols or guns or mere rocks and run amok...

I wonder when this war will end? Will it go on forever until the Israelis get what they want? Will it go on until the U.S. call a stop to it? (impossible!) How many more will die? How many more will suffer? This is the neverending story as i see it and i'm not saying about this only Israel-Lebanon war, but all the wars that have took place before in the middle east.

As u read this post, u may see that this is an unmature opinion, a common heart-felt thought by an ordinary girl who doesn't know what she's talking about, but believe me, this is my childish side of seeing what adults have done wrong in their so- called wise decision. I don't understand what all the 'commotion' was about but i know it's terrible and not good...

Lets make du'a for the brothers and sisters all over the world who are being attack, and Al-Fatihah to those who died syaheed defending Islam, their country and their family because of Allah!

Just for the record....

Do you ever care?

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Salam, in another 9 hours, i will be onboard the plane flying back to my home country, Malaysia for a 2 months holiday. So, I don't know if i will updating my blog during the holidays. Seems like it's hard to find times to post any. Gotta spend the time with family.

Anyway, pray for my safety back home. It will be a 17 gruesome hours. Don't know if i can endure it or not. =<

Until now, wassalam.