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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Salam, in another 9 hours, i will be onboard the plane flying back to my home country, Malaysia for a 2 months holiday. So, I don't know if i will updating my blog during the holidays. Seems like it's hard to find times to post any. Gotta spend the time with family.

Anyway, pray for my safety back home. It will be a 17 gruesome hours. Don't know if i can endure it or not. =<

Until now, wassalam.

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selamat berholiday...and semoga selamat sampai ke rumah... semoga Allah memberkati perjalanan balqis..taking care..wslm.=>
Take care, we make dua for you and May Allah protect you on your journey.

The Malaysians great grandfathers came from my country; Yemen.
They specifically live in Hadramout. THey are good people al-hamdullah.

Take care again....
Selam sis!
I´m back and you go!?! :)
Never mind, have a wonderful time with your family inshaAllah, must be hard to be seperated from them.

I´m so sorry that I couldn´t say bye to you and wish you good luck before my burning out:)), but wallahi you were always in my mind. As for your exams, hope they were fine, inshaAllah.

Now, have a wonderful time with your family, enjoy every minute with them and come safe and sound back, insaAllah dear sister. Selams to everybody!!! :)
Happy holliday... keep your time!
Thanx dear friends...
I'm already safe and sound in Malaysia Alhamdulillah...

Balqis to Al-Hajeji : Really??!! I never knew about it....

Balqis to Cevris : Thanx, Cevris. It's okay, anywhere nice to hear about ur trip to Spain. Wish i can visit Spain one day...
as for my exams, alhamdulillah, i made it 4 for biochem and physiology.
Thanx for ur du'a....
Now i can find times for blogging and i won't miss the chance..
hope to hear from u soon..

Balqis to cekedess : Whever u are, thanx a lot! Sure i'll keep my time, ha!
Balqis to cevris : anywhere --> anyway*

Balqis to cekedess : Whever --> Whoever*

Yeah, i'm sleepy enough to type wrongly..

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