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Monday, July 31, 2006

Ways we can help our Muslim friends in the Middle East

I think we (the one without authority) can’t stop whatever violence happens now and then in the Middle East by shouting, staring, screaming, crying and just commenting. While we’re laughing, talking, smiling, living happily like as if nothing had happened, our Muslim friends are suffering and they were slaughtered, killed, tortured etc.

So, here’s some useful tips (you know what I’m saying =>) that my thoughtful friend kindly sharing it with me via e-mail. I guess it is as a no surprise to you as it is to me because it’s not a new thing, only that I considered some of it as new to me, like Doctor House and Donald Trump are Israelis supporters. Back then, I used to watch Doctor House and The Apprentice, Trump’s famous business show.

Have a read then and tell me what’s in your mind or maybe you can share some others useful things so that we can all open our blocked mind…

1. Stop demonstrating…Why? Because it will certainly makes bad reputations of Islam. As we all know, Islam means 'Salam' or Peace...Even in history of Islam, Prophet Muhammad didn't like war or violent. Prove? When Hamzah Abu Talib asked Prophet Muhammad to fight back kefir Quraisy, he certainly reluctant to it...until a wahyu sent by Gabriel stated Allah permits war in order to protect people...So, do not go and demonstrate…It will do you no good...Besides these political leaders won't listen to your screams...Instead, they will provoke Moslem people more...and you all will give the opportunity for another economy turmoil as what had happened in 1997 and Black Monday... So, don't repeat the same mistakes...

2. Instead, ban Jews products. Goods need to be banned: Coca-Cola, soft drinks, Calvin Klein products, Playboy Magazine...etc...

3. Moreover urge government to stop sending women to enter Miss World and Miss Universe, because the main sponsor is Donald Trump, who isone of the best Jewish businessmen in the world.

4.Banned Desperate Housewives, Grey'sAnatomy, Charmed, Dr House, Las Vegas, Tori Spelling movies and dramas such as Beverly Hills90210, Pokemon, Rugrats, from our local television especially NTV7. As you can see some words, without knowing, can make us to do syiriks ..the story line also if we're not careful, can think that life as a Jew is wonderful ..So beware and alert if you're still watching these...

5. DO a lot of prayers and doa for Palestinian andMoslem in Middle East. This is one of the options to help them because we can't go to fight with them.. So, one of the way is, doa for them. Remember, doa is a powerful weapon forMoslem.

6. Start becoming REAL Moslem. Do what Al-Quran and Al-Hadith told you. If we become real Moslem, we will become stronger... Thus, they won't provoke Moslem. So, start doing now!!!

7. Support Moslem economy by buying Moslem products. Thus it will weaken Jews economy...Hope you'll find it useful...Wassalam

IK : I don’t know if some of the facts are true or not but why all go Israelism when we already knew that we somehow keep supporting them indirectly or more or less bluntly? We’re ignoring one fact, the fact that we’re all so much weak and can’t do nothing else then to just sit and watch when we all know that we can instead weaken them slowly and defeat them successfully back like in the glorious time when the caliphate once ruled half of the globe. I know this gonna sound like some crap talking but if it’s not us, who’s then? You know that there’s time when u have to fight a kick with a kick, and there’s time when u can fight violence with intelligent. I guess it’s time to use mind and be a REAL Muslims not some so-called Liberal or Modern Muslims nowadays.

This is just a reminding in case you forgot! (So much from Ummah Films =D)

I know that there’s some good Jewish/non-Muslim who don’t support the Israelis occupation in Palestine and Lebanon just as we do, so regarding the above facts, no offense made, you know to whom it concerned.

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Bismillaahi wass-Salaatu wass-Salaamu'alaa Rasoolillaah.


You're right, demostrations do nothing. What we need to do is get out of our homes and leave our comfy lives and fight for the sake of Allaah. That is what is required of us, and that is what we should do, either it be the middle east, or anywhere else. But don't take my word for it, do some research on the topic, and He'll Guide you.
You have great points to make walahi

I am sure many don't think your way...If only
I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you! » »

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