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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Random thoughts

Important things I've settled :

Get the stamps from the Ukraine Embassy & Ministry of Higher Education - checked
Tour trip to group mates houses - checked
Bought Merck Manual - checked

Important things not yet settled :

Renew driving license
Visit teachers at old school
Visit Grandma + aunties and uncles = meet relatives
Attend Sakeenah's brother walimah, not hers =p

Things i want to do :

Updated + install all the softwares i need in my notebook (my uncle's friend had formatted my notebook so all the softwares gone )
Updated + install all the softwares + java games in my cellphone. =>
Learn some new secret recipes from my beloved mum. =>
Watch Pirates Of The Carribean 2 : Dead's Man Chest
Finish reading The Merck Manual:Home Edition
Finish reading all the horror/action novels my sis brought home from her school library, cool!
Tutor my siblings for their oncoming BIG exams. Wuarghhhh... =>
Update all my blogs.....

Exciting things i've done this holiday so far is :

Ridden a heart beating roller coaster at Berjaya Times Square.
Tour de Selangor to my friends houses, met their parents and spent one night at one of my friend's house, Madihah in Banting who live near the Morib Beach.
Travel at night with friends (included in the tour program)
Swimming in the sea at the Morib Beach (well, not really swimming, just splashing around =>)Thankfully, there was nobody around because it was a working day.
Got to see the country famous badminton legend, Allahyarham Haji Sidek's House in Banting

Books i intend to finish : (some are with force, of course)

The Merck Manual:Home Edition - reading
Francine Pascal's book on the Fearless Series - reading
Microbiology - Notes!!!! - no progress
Russian's - no progress
All the Medical books i have----Arghhhh.... - the same, no progress
*Hopefully i can find times to go the bookstore to find some educational books to read and some islamic books too, for my next term halaqah.

Things i wonder about everyday, every second :

Why the Arabs turn a deaf ear towards the Lebanon crisis?
What the hell the Israelis want? (although i know this answer already --u know what i'm saying) What will happen to the world in the future with all these world hazardous wars going on today?
When will Bush retire?
When will the Israelis stop their occupation?
Why is the arabs world so stupid? (regarding the Miss Arab World)
Argh...i hate the news!!!

Last night i woke up in shock of my dream. I dreamt i was in a country somewhere-i had no idea- where i think there's war going on-i heard the bombs, the guns, the shooting, i heard people cry-i was in a room, in a house preparing for something i'm not sure of-running or heading for the battle, sweating and i don't know where my family is and before i knew it-i woke up just so suddenly...
After that, i said a prayer for the people in Palestine and Lebanon- i just can't imagine what are they doing right now-is it the same with that in my dream? If it is... very sad=<

4 buah bicara:

Selam, Sister!
May Allah grant you the time and the mood to do the things you wish to do- ameen:)) Sounds as if your holidays were great, nice to hear.
As for Lebanon and Israel, I'm afraid there's nothing to do except to pray. May Allah be with the innocent civilians, especially the children (but He surely is), and punish the responsible.

Take care, Belqis!
salam alaykum,

it looks like you have a lot of things to do for summer!
as for your dream, i think its more of a nightmare. May Allah protect you.
Thanx. i've been thinking about the dream too. Yeah, i guess it was some kind of a nightmare...too much of the stories...

Anyway, great to hear from u both.
Urm, i guess i'm too harsh about the Arabs. I mean the goverment and what they've done/did. No offense to the other Arabs.

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