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Friday, July 21, 2006

The neverending story...

Salam brothers and sisters..

So, i watched the news on TV, read the daily newspapers, read comments on people's blogs, listened to what others have to say, and do i have any conclusion yet? Not that i'm aware of...

My three full weeks of holidays had been a really bored one. With my siblings all going to school everyday, leaving me home alone. What can i say, they will all have their major exams this year, BIG exams.

Back to what i was just saying, yeah I've been on the track about this Israel-Lebanon crisis, shocking news and everything, i really don't know where all of this lead to or what it supposed to mean, u heard me right, -I DON"T KNOW- I really got all confused with what happened, not that i don't understand, it's just that, things got mixed up.

People had their say and with proof too, some are just so emotional raised up, some with a really relevant thought, some with good educational base, some with political interest and some are just for fun. No, i don't want to say about Bush or about Hezbullah or about Ehud Olmert. They have received a lot of critics, comments, and everything there is to say about them. They're world famous people. Everybody have at least something to say about them, so why should i add more chaos?

If u're reading my post, it seems that i'm making no point, right? Let me tell you, i was raised in a no state of war, feeling safety all the time, no threats, nobody holding gun in front of my eyes, never in my life i see someone is shoot down, or at least cry losing one of family member in my very eyes because of war. I only watched and to feel it, is not the same to actually be there, in the field of battle. Yeah, i can cry, i can say the Israel is bad, i can say the U.S goverment is evil, i can feel sad, i can also feel hatred, i can feel it! But i can't feel the pain...and this is it, what the victims of the war felt, pain inside and outside....

I can't imagine if it's my house they bomb, i can't imagine if it's my brother they shoot down, nor i can't imagine myself holding some pistols or guns or mere rocks and run amok...

I wonder when this war will end? Will it go on forever until the Israelis get what they want? Will it go on until the U.S. call a stop to it? (impossible!) How many more will die? How many more will suffer? This is the neverending story as i see it and i'm not saying about this only Israel-Lebanon war, but all the wars that have took place before in the middle east.

As u read this post, u may see that this is an unmature opinion, a common heart-felt thought by an ordinary girl who doesn't know what she's talking about, but believe me, this is my childish side of seeing what adults have done wrong in their so- called wise decision. I don't understand what all the 'commotion' was about but i know it's terrible and not good...

Lets make du'a for the brothers and sisters all over the world who are being attack, and Al-Fatihah to those who died syaheed defending Islam, their country and their family because of Allah!

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