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Friday, July 21, 2006

A Peace-letter to the World,

Dear fellow brothers and sisters of this Earth,

This letter is not spam or junk mail. It is the voice coming out from a human heart, a voice shared by billions of other people on earth. A voice shared by you- I am sure. A voice screaming out for peace and tolerance. A voice screaming out telling the world that terror has no religion or cast or colour. A voice which says terror is not Islamic or Jewish or Christian or Hindu or Buddhist. It is just terror. A voice that wants peace for ever man and woman. I believe that everybody irrespective of their religion or race deserves the right to live a respectable and peaceful life. I condemn all acts of terror and killing, it does not matter if these terrorists call themselves Islamic terrorists or not. According to me they are not Islamic terrorists because Islam never teaches to kill. It does not matter if these people are Israeli forces, attacking civilians in Lebanon. They are not Jews, they are simply terrorists. It does not matter if these people are ones exploding bombs in trains in London and Mumbai.It does not matter if it is bush sending innocent American troops to fight in Iraq. These are all forms of the same enemy- the enemy which spreads hate amongst religions. An enemy which spreads death.

Let us all unite and urge people to stop this hate and this war.

Let us all live together and support an earth with peace. Please join us by visiting our site http://muslimunity.blogspot.com/ and writing and being a part of our family and also send this e-mail out to everybody you know. Because now is the time to act. It is the time to stop the hate by raising our voices.

We do not want a world filled with hate and war. We want peace, and we will get it.
Please support us as fellow humans for our pursuit to peace. For war to stop in every corner of the world.

Peace Will Win!

A fellow human being,



Please send this letter to each and every person you know. It is the least we all can do.

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