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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

NuR maLaM

Bila Hati Menghadap Tuhan Baru Kusedar Ada Kelemahan
Terasa Kerdil Berbanding Yang Esa Terharu, Terfikir Betapa Agungnya Tuhan

Bila CinTa TuhaN diKejaR daN dicaRi UntuK kereDhanNya, insyaAllaH ciNta ManuSia pasTi kaN diMiliKi, caRilAh CintA TuhaN...

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Home maDe garLic BreaD

It's 8.00 pm and i'm very hunGry anD TheRe's NothIng to eaT. But I waNt to eaT, sO i geT aLL thE stUffs reaDy and heRe i Go...

To maKe a GarLic BreaD, U'll nEeD :

garLicS, GarLic PowDer anD ButteR. WheRe's D breaD?
(notes : How muCh u neEd depenDs On How MucH yOu waNt To eaT) :p

CleaN The GaRliC, crUsH them Like ThaT in D picTuRe. ThiS is WheRe U'vE gOt To HaVe paTience. The ideA is To ChoP Like a profeSsionaL CheF noT Like a BaMbIno!

MiX theM aLL uP...

HerE comEs The BreaD...

SpreaD The IngreDienTs On The breaD
(notes : You caN sPrEAd On BoTh siDeS if u waNt)

heaT uP d frying PaN anD ToasT 'em UntIl it beCome Like...
(noTes : yoU caN aDD some ButtEr On The OtheR side so it'll becoMe a Lil' yeLlowiSh)
leT iT BurN... (maKe sUre It's a ThirD degree BurN, I'm Not resPonsIbLe For aNy 4th deGree oNe)

This One....

taDa! a Nice Mug Of waRm PerSiaN eaRl GreY tea WoulD do...

TheRe's 2 reaSon wHy I waNna makE garlic BreaD :

1. becaUsE aM reaLLy, reaLLy HungRy
2. becaUse TheRe's BreaD, a breaD!!
3. reFer To reaSon no 1 and 2.

OMG!! i forGot The saLt... But weLL, I PreFeR No saLt, cuZ i think The ButteR is salTy eNouGh. But if You'Re a saLt-loveR, doozo...

ExCuse me, excuSe me pleaSE, geTtinG thrU, geTTing thrU, maKe waY pleaSE

It's been a long time, its been a LONG TIME, yeah...
lets get some nerves up on this....

Guess This Would be All, gueSs this Would be The End of iT, the end oF whateVeR she HaD StaRtEd Up eaRlieR, loNg aGo wheN u woUld've neVeR ThouGhT sHe woUlD dO ThIs. It's beeN liKe ThousaNds oF miNuteS, hundreds of Hours haD Gone bY, buT sHe StiLL aCt like LifE is SomeThiNg YoU must Go ThroUgH, nOt Live On. TheRe's a DiffeRence in It if u CoulD catCh the RhyThm noT thE soUnd. ShE saId, she's DonE wiTh iT, It's enoUgh aNd FoR sO manY timeS sHe kepT teLliNg this to herSelf oveR and OveR agaIn so ThaT she CoulD geT ThRouGh wiTh lifE aNd aGrEE wiTh wHateVer life waNts heR tO be. TheRe's No neEd to worrY oveR thiNgs thaT has paSSeD, it woUld JusT irRitaTe uR NeRveS so Ur BraIn will keeP replaYinG the pasT, thE yesterdays..... (thaT's whaT heR PsYcHolOgY lecTureR tOld heR so faR).

BuT, This Is IT? is It All?
OveRtime sHe kePt repeaTiNg ThiS PhrAse In heR BlurrEd MinD. BlurrEd by visIoN, unreaL but so stRoNg sHe caN't tossEd it awaY. By time, she caMe To the ConcLusIOn thaT sHe'll sTop aLl This NonsensE aNd d'u ThiNk shE dId?

ShE dId....
ThoUgH thE reSult seems UncleaR tO heR, ShE've maDe heR ChoIce AnD sHe'S GoiNg tO live WiTh It....

aNd wHicH is wHy sHe posTed This ...

HoLa eVeRyBodY, selamunalaikum (d turkisH style). sorrY foR the OveRlengTh, enOugH To saY thaT I'm baCk PosTiNg sOoN, thanx To this WireLeSS InteRneT coNnecTiOn thAt Come OuT of NowheRe aNd above All, ThaNx to Him, foR His wiLl is WhaT makEs Me, I aM todaY.

owH, i haTe To aDmit to Myself ThaT i Won't be Able to recaLL aLl the PAsT evEnts which haPpeNeD lasT teRm cuz aLl of theM Were preCiOus memOries aNd I meaNt To posT 'eM heRe, soRt oF to bE keeP heRe and ShaRe and reaD 'em oveRtimE....

But whaT's pasT is PAsT, aItE! lets waLk the FutUrE...

I have basketball gaMe To looK fOrwaRd to TomorRoW aNd
aN unFinisH CliNicaL suRgeRy Notes to be DonE beForE toMorrow (wEll, I hope sO)
forGoT to MenTiOn ThaT haLaQaH will staRT on WednesdaY nexT weeK, one of The maNy thIngS I'm looKinG forwaRd Too.... LiFe is BorEd, ThaT's whaT I meaN.

p/s : theRe's Only ThrEe of us leFt, me, atiqah and madihah. One Of Our RoomaTes, faRhana, geT maRRieD n live somewHerE elSe. maY ALLAH bleSS heR aNd heR faMily, ameen...

I leaVe u wiTh This cLip frOm Koi No cHikaRa serieS, (not thaT I've waTcheD The SerieS bUt It's JusT so kawaii.....) ;>

(i doN't UnderStaNd aNy words theY saId, so doN't asK me)



Saturday, June 30, 2007



         A feeling of relief overwhelmed me. Exams had finished and holidays are coming. A month of exhausting and tiring hours, struggling through days and nights, burning the midnight oil, yeah tiresome but alhamdulillah, i'm done and hoping that life would be back to normal without bags under my eyes anymore and that horrid sleepy face! =)
         Be back in a few days, can't wait to see my parents, my family, my home! just a few more days...
         Well, I'll be starting my practical in a month. First new experience for me, don't know how it would be, but for a start, lets make the best out of it. =>
         Enough for now, insyaALLAH will post more in the future. Lots of stories to share, bad and good, after all it's been a very interesting term this year.

~start packing~ =D

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just one bit of grass


First thing first, the biggest ever thing that had burden me these past few months has gone away approximately one and a half hour ago, and I'm very very glad. PRODIGY! Yeah, that's it. Prodigy IS our club's magazine. Not that it's just a magazine but it's the club's annual magazine, so it contains reports of all the activities we did throughout the year and I dare say that PRODIGY, is the first of it kind ever published in Crimea State Medical University. So, as the pioneer of the editorial team board, we have to make it look so outstanding and great. Actually, I just wanna say that I'm very glad it's all over and done, because this Prodigy thingy had took the best of my times and that it had ruined my studies and made my life a little bit upside down and also I'm very tired and finally, Alhamdulillah the end of this, means everything's going to get back to normal, InsyaAllah. Be strong, be strong now. I hope so. Lets get organize!!!!

Prodigy : The Cover

A little about ElemEntsofLifE^. Basically, to continue living we will need the most important elements, say oxygen, dihydrogen monoxide, nutrients etc. (you name it). But life is not all about breathing and eating and growing old and die, it's about who you are and why you're here on this decaying mother earth. Thus, in order to know who we are and why are we here, we ACTUALLY need to know more, to love and to be near to The Almighty Allah or in other words 'taqarrub ilallah', the One who create and sustain all kind of life. Besides that we also need to love our Prophet Muhammad SAW and to follow his sunnah, these two elements have already constitute the basic of Iman. Finally without the holy Quran, which help guide our Iman, we ain't at least make our life a good Muslim outside and inside. All these three make up one beautiful religion by the name of Islam. The same goes to this blog, InsyaAllah the heart of it is of those three most important elements we really need in our life. The rest, you think! Wallahua'lam.

Last thing to say, sadly I can't go online anymore or update this blog more often like before because there's no more internet line going thru my notebook (what's this sentence? Never mind). I have to terminate it starting next month (March), which will be just tomorrow due to several reasons including studies, health, times, financial etc. I know I'm going to miss blogging and surfing the net and the fact that the world is no longer at my fingertip, is really upsetting =( . Until now, blogging has given me the satisfaction of owning my own world, where I can escape to, whenever I feel the world outside is crazy and unjust. I know that not all of my colleagues read this blog of mine, so i felt kinda free blogging here, new friends and all, its just another world, another story of my life. So now, whenever i feel like blogging, I'll just go to the cyber cafe, and spend a little time with the net but of course that won't be every hours or everyday. To all bloggers, just, keep up blogging! =)

For me, I have now a life to look after and a future to behold carefully. So long and take care everybody!

I leave you with this 3 minutes video of Mishary Rashed Al-Efasy reciting the Quran from Surah At-Tahrim, ayah 8 till the end of the surah. Start crying ...


La takhaf wa la tahzan,

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Life's Like That

Life Is Short, yeah!

8.20 am, 30th November 2007

Months ago, in Pathology Anatomy class, a teacher of mine, before starting the lesson, asked us the date of the day. We answered almost in unison and suddenly she kind of like screaming. We looked up at her from the works that we were doing and asked her what had happened. Slowly she said, “It’s already the 3oth of November and tomorrow is going to be the 1st of December.” We replied, “yeah?” “Do you know what that means?” she asked us back. One of us answered, “It means that the mid semester state exam is just around the corner, Mam.” “No” she said and that answer raised our eyebrows higher. Looking at her, we asked, “Then, what’s that supposed to mean, Mam?”

This is what she said …

“It means that just another month and a new year will come, time pass so quickly that you don’t even realize it’s already tomorrow. And I’m becoming old day by day, but I don’t know what I’ve done in this life, what I’ve achieved, did I ever get what I want, I never knew. But time will go on and on like a 100 years and one day I’m going to die and just, puff! like that, become nothing but dust. And here I am still like this.”

We just kept silent, unaware to interrupt. We like her because she always shared her life story with us so we dare not to ask why she said like that. We didn’t know what she mean about ‘here I am still like this’, because all we can see in her is that she’s a real brilliant teacher, really!

We just continued with our works and she continued staring at the window probably thinking what could happen next year in her life while looking at the leaves that fall one by one blew down by the soft autumn wind that pass.

Inside, I pitied her. I know what she meant. And I felt guilty wrapped over me. Thousands and thousands more non-Muslim out there waiting for us to reach them, but we never did our responsibility as a Muslim, that is spreading da’wah. Although, it’s Allah who made us into Muslim and non-Muslim but truly, it’s our duty, the so-called Muslim to broaden this deen towards them. Ah, but sadly even WE, don’t have the strength to correct ourselves or Muslim friends around us. We’re NOT even united to protect our deen, Al-Islam! So, pitiful!

Muslim's Everywhere

I was in the ‘marshutkar’ (mini-van) with my friend on our way back to hostel from the supermarket. I bought some things including some small metal rack for my room decoration, so you could imagine the size of my plastic bag (Oh, if I’m not to become a doctor, I might’ve become an interior designer then). There are already several Ukrainian passengers inside the van. Fortunately, we got some seat for ourselves which is a relieved because if we have to stand, we have to bend our neck for half an hour as the roof of the mini-van was so low, we could crack our body in two. (Kidding!)

Silence enveloped us while we look outside the mini-van window to make sure where we should stop (different mini-van stop at different places unless we tell them to do so). Out of a sudden, there came a sound which is actually a mobile ring tone of Sami Yusuf song, titled ‘Who is the Loved One’ which goes like,

‘Who is the loved one, Allah! Who is Ar-Rahman, Allah! Who is Al-Mannan……’

I was stunned, I remembered that I had silent my hand phone and that I ALWAYS silent it whenever I go out (I hate it when my phone ring in the crowds so I prefer to silent it when I go anywhere in public). This can’t be mine. Everybody in the van was now looking at us because for one thing, the tone was so loud and clear, and that we're the only Muslim who rode this van. My friend who sat next to me looked at me as if asking me to answer the call or just stop it. I looked back at her with wide eye as if to say “It’s not mine”. Besides, I DON’T have that song inside my phone. Whose could it be?

Our question was answered by a hoarse voice answering the phone. “Alloo!” And we looked back. It was the voice of a middle-aged man, sitting alone diagonally back from us. We have no clue that he is a Muslim. He neither looks like an Arab nor a Tartarian which constitutes the majorities of Muslim in Ukraine . My friend and I look at each other, confused by what had just happened. Then, we continued staring out the window, acted like nothing had happened. A few minutes later, the man got out somewhere in the middle of the road and lost from our view.

“I thought it's only you and Sakeenah who listen to that kind of song”, my friend broke the silence. And I just went like “yeah”.

So many Muslim around us, but we don’t even realize, Subhanallah. I never heard any Ukrainian listen to Sami Yusuf’s songs or to that type of song and I never knew either that his song could reach such country as Ukraine because this is not England or least to say Turkey. What with only minorities of Ukrainian that can speak English, uh, that man must be from somewhere else then. And as far back as I know, not even any Tartarian know who Sami Yusuf is, Ha Ha, big deal! Just some guess. And by that thought, we jumped of the van and walked back to our hostel thinking what to eat for that night.

'Marshutkar' on the road going in different directions.

Show Me The Right Way

I was late. I knew I was late because I was walking so fast my feet don’t even touch the ground. Class will start any minutes now and I'm still walking in small pace but fast, hoping I could just fly like the birds in the sky. Suddenly, I was stopped by a couple of middle-aged women who came out of nowhere from thin air and gave me a crumple of small note with some writings on it. It was an address, but I couldn’t make out what or where it is because it was in Russian and I’m not familiar with places here. You see, even after three years, I still couldn’t make out the name of the small road I’m walking now, too bad, ha! Not that I don’t know, but I just don’t notice much if it was just a small road even if I use it everyday to go to class. I mean I know some big streets here in Ukraine or famous places and everything but, uh, who care what’s the name of road you’re walking everyday if you know where the road go? Okay, okay, back to the two women who gave me the note before. Later, I raised my eyebrows as If to say, what? They looked at me and said something that sound like ‘stomatological’. It means dentist or dentistry. Ah, glad that I finally understand what they want; I smiled and showed them the way with the help of some body language I made with my hand since I forgot my Russian suddenly at that exact time. I showed them the way to the Dentistry Building which situated near the Sport hall. They looked at each other and finally said thank you to me. So I continued walking towards the Microbiology Department where the class situated. And when I reached the class, the teacher was not yet in and so, I settled down, happy that I made it to the class before the teacher came and happy that I’ve done one good deed, I’ve helped showing direction to people today. Alhamdulillah.

Several days later, on my way back to hostel from 7th State Hospital, I saw this advertisement board before the round about. It was an advertisement about a newly open dentist clinic called ‘Medissa’ which situated IN our University area just several walks from our University main gate. Somehow I got to read the address written underneath the picture and surprisingly, it was the same address the two women gave me the other day. I knew it was the same one because I remembered some figure in it. Undoubtedly, it WAS that address! And at that time I realized, I’ve given them the wrong direction. They wanted to go to the dentist clinic NOT the dentist department. Ah, poor them! Funny yeah, but one thing for sure, I got one beautiful lesson from what had happened.

You see, this is like one tamsilan (example) where the women are the people who’re asking for the right direction, but instead showing them the right path, I had faultily led them to the wrong way. I’m supposed to show them the right one, but because I don’t know how to read the address and understand them, I put them into the wrong way. See the big picture here? If we as Muslim aren’t good in understanding and practicing our deen Islam, how can we help others to understand and follow us?

I leave you with this question.Do the thinking your own! ;)

"Show us the straight path, the path of those whom Thou has favored; Not (the path) of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who astray" (1:6-7)

p/s : Sorry for the overlength, just want to share some of my everyday experiences.

Salam. =)

Saturday, February 17, 2007


As a matter of fact, I'm quite left behind about this, but I don't care I wanna post it up here because its great! Amazing! Outstanding! Awesome! After the animation 'Muhammad, The Last Messenger', Saladin is one of the best Islamic Animated Movies. Saladin is renowned in both the Muslim and Christian worlds for leadership and military prowess, tempered by his chivalry and merciful nature during his war against the Crusaders, even to the extent that propagated stories of his exploits back to the west, incorporating both myth and facts.

What make me proud is that this animated movie was produced by Malaysian. The Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC) has been given the mandate by the Malaysian Government for the coordination, promotion and development of the information communication technology industry, the creative industry and selected services throughout Malaysia.

Way to go, Malaysia!

From what I understand, there are already Saladin - The Animated Series coming out. I'm not sure if its already on tv or not. And now Saladin - The Animated Movie (I'm not sure about this too, but the trailer seems like it is an animated movie). We'll see...

Here are two trailers, one is the real trailer and the other is a video clip made by faizulafzan83 with Alarm Me - Adakah Kau Lupa as the background song.

Watch and learn!

An action adventure series, Saladin has everything the target audience of ten to twelve year olds want; from heroes, villains, vendettas, drama, comedy, exotic locales, climactic swordfights, daring rescues, battling armies and a dash of romance. Saladin is the ultimate hero - courageous in the face of danger, never willing to admit defeat and funny when he needs to be. In a world of danger, there's only one man you'll want in your corner -Saladin.


Video by MSC Malaysia, Silver Ant Sdn Bhd
Original Audio by Imaginex Sdn Bhd
Music by toolateband


Owh, if by any chance you forgot WHO IS SALADIN or SALAHUDDIN YUSUF AL_AYUBI, just click here or here. =)

p/s : Guess, am quite late on this but better late than never, aite! =p

Friday, February 16, 2007

Qaradhawi vs Rafsanjani


Muslim IS Muslim and Islam is ONE RELIGION, no matter if we're from difference races and ethnicity, or if we come from the far rural village on the high cold mountain or from high-tech urban city, we still worship the Only Allah A'zza wajalla, and we follow the teaching of Prophet Muhammad SAW and when we pray, we all together face towards the Ka'ba, so why all the division? If ever history taught us something, then we should know better to be united than divided.

Qaradawi, Rafsanjani Urge Unity
By Ahmad Maher, IOL Staff

"We want action as previous rapprochement conferences and meetings failed to address the roots of disunity," said Qaradawi.

CAIRO — In the first high-profile meeting between top Sunni and Shiite scholars, Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi and Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the head of Iran's influential Expediency Council, called on Wednesday, February 14, on Muslims all the world over to act in unison and take into their strides differences to face challenges ahead.
"We must try our best to remain united," Qaradawi, the president of the International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS), said in a debate with Rafsanjani on Al-Jazeera satellite channel.
"Islam is above ethnicity and race….If we reach out to Christians and hold inter-faith dialogues, how on earth we don't do the same to unite Muslims," wondered Qaradawi.
Qaradawi said it is high time Shiites and Sunni translated their "good intentions" into concrete steps.
"Enough with compliments, smiling scholars before cameras and hoary old clichés," he said. "We want action as previous rapprochement conferences and meetings failed to address the roots of disunity."
Rafsanjani, a former president of Iran from 1989 to 1997, warned that "the enemy" was trying to pit Muslims against one another and throw a spanner in the good work of Sunni and Shiite scholars to cement their unity.
"The US Greater Middle East Project has proved fiasco," he said. "Their problems have accumulated in the region and they are now thinking that Muslim disunity is the answer."
He said the Lebanese victory over Israel last summer has provoked the adversaries to sow division among Muslim countries as they fear a strong Muslim front if all Muslim countries have acted in unison.
"Muslims have a plethora of problems in Somalia, Sudan, Iraq and elsewhere but unity can resolve them all," said Rafsanjani, one of the most trusted advisers of supreme Iranian leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic republic of Iran.
"We have been facing a wave of seditions owning to the situation in Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan and elsewhere."
"Qur'an forbids Muslim infighting and God has ordered us to cement our unity and Muslims scholars have a major responsibility in this respect."
Rafsanjani blasted "ignorant" Sunnis and Shiites, who stoke ethnic tensions.
"The acts of extremists from both sides should not be allowed to disunite Sunnis and Shiites. Zionism and Israel are the main danger."
"The Muslim nation with up to one billion Muslims and some 60 Muslim heavyweight countries with energy sources and great potentials must join forces to defend the unity of Muslims."

Stumbling Bloc

"Qur'an forbids Muslim infighting and God has ordered us to cement our unity and Muslims scholars have a major responsibility in this respect," said Rafsanjani.

Sheikh Qaradawi said sticking points like insulting the Prophet's Companions by Shiites and Shiite proselytizing in Sunni countries are a stumbling bloc to Shiite-Sunni unity
"As I mentioned in past conferences, I cannot shake hands with a Shiite if I say 'may Allah be pleased with Abu Bakr, Omar and Aisah' while he says 'may Allah curse them.'"
"All Sunnis love the Companions," he stressed. "Who does not love Ali Ibn Abi Taleb, or Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein?"
"Insulting the Companions," added Qaradawi, "is as if we say that Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was not a role model."
"Those who insult the Companions must stop once and for all," he averred.
But Qaradawi said that Sunnis should not blame today's Shiites for the mistakes of some of their ancestors and veteran authorities.
"If Shiites decades and decades ago have erred, we cannot blame the young generations for their mistakes," he said.
But Rafsanjani said most of Shiites do revere the Prophet's Companions.
"In Iran we start our sermons with praise to the Prophet and his companions," he said.
"We have tackled this thorny issue frequently and both sides, Sunnis and Shiites, should issue a fatwa banning insulting the Companions."
Qaradawi further said that Shiites must stop proselytizing Sunnis in Sunni-dominant countries like Egypt, Sudan and Tunisia.
"If you go to a Sunni Muslim country like Egypt and Tunisia and tried to promulgate your doctrine, you might win a handful but will surely instigate an entire population against you," he said.
Qaradawi said Shiite minorities should have full rights in predominantly Sunni countries and vice versa.
"In Iran, which has a sizable Sunni minority of up to 15 million people, the government has rejected some requests by Sunnis to establish mosques," he said. "More and more, Sunnis are not represented in the government."
But Rafsanjani again refused to accuse Shiites of proselytizing Sunnis "if they are doing charity and working for well-being of all Muslims."
"All Muslims can work for the common good," he said.
Qaradawi, however, begged to differ.
"Working for the common good is one thing, and proselytizing is another," he said. "We all work for the common good."
Qaradawi further said differences with Shiites in such issues should not be used a pretext by some Sunnis to support any aggression by the West on Tehran.
"If Iran was attacked by the United States, we would rally behind it, no doubt about that," he said.
"We cannot tolerate an aggression on any Muslim country…I said it before for many times that we will support Iran definitely," he said, adding that Iran has the right to have a peaceful nuclear technology.

United Iraq
Both scholars saw eye-to-eye on the importance of maintaining Iraq unity.
"Iraq must remain united and all religious and ethnic factions should live under one flat and one," said Rafsanjani.
"We don't want Shiiites, who were oppressed in the past (under Saddam), to behave this way 'We are back to take revenge.'"
On Iran's reported security and intelligence role in Iraq, Rafsanjani said Iran does not want to interfere in Iraq's affairs.
"We help Muslims everywhere. Haven't we aided Sunni Bosnians? Haven’t we aided the Palestinians? When we defend Iraq and aide our neighbor, we actually defend Islam."
But Qaradawi reiterated that Iran "has the keys in Iraq."
"Iran does have an influence in Iraq," he said. " Iran can say stop this and that…it can turn off such a civil war in Iraq. This situation plays well into the hands of the Americans."
Earlier in January, Qaradawi urged Khamenei and top Iranian scholars to do something and stop the systematic killing of Iraqi Sunnis. "Otherwise," he said, "Sunnis worldwide would accuse them of complicity."
Qaradawi further said that the massacres and bloodshed in Iraq, the death squads and militias, the forced evacuation of Iraqis from their homes the mosques annexed by Shiites by force must come to an end "to bridge the Sunni-Shiite divide,"
Almost 34,000 Iraqi civilians died last year as the sectarian violence reached new heights, above all in Baghdad.
The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) said earlier this month around 12 percent of Iraqis have fled their homes as a result of the sectarian violence that engulfed the country following the US-led invasion in 2003.
"By the same token, we denounced in the strongest possible terms Sunni violent groups who commit atrocities in Iraq and issues relevant fatwas," he said.
Iraq imposed draconian new security rules on its war-torn capital Wednesday.
The first measure announced was the closure of Iraq's borders with Iran and Syria.
In addition, weapons permits will be suspended in Baghdad for all but Iraqi and US-led security forces and registered private security firms, and a nightly curfew will be extended.
Security forces will be able to block or search public or private property and restrict travel by individuals or vehicles.
Iraqis living in housing belonging to displaced persons will have two weeks to clear out.

Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm officially 21

Its Friday, one of the day of barakah days, it’s the day of Jum’ah,: in one Hadith, the Prophet (صلي الله عليه وسلم) said: On Friday, Adam (عليه سلام) was created; on Friday, he was expelled from Paradise; on Friday, the trumpet for the day of resurrection will be blown; and on Friday, the people will resurrect.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

...and today is my 21st birthday. I am now officially 21 years old. Alhamdulillah. A child? I must be dreaming! A teenager? Hello... wake up! And yet here I am waking up in the morning unaware that two decades had passed since I was born. Two decades may sounds a lil’ bit old but yeah, that’s the fact!

My friend kept saying, “Hey, you’re now 21, you know that?”


Simply saying, for me this day is going to be just like the other days that have passed and will come. I will go to classes as usual, will have to get ready for lessons, going for lectures, all the same routine, and within seconds, its already tomorrow. Time passes so quickly that sometimes, you don’t even have the chance to say ‘salaam’ to anybody around you. (Yes, this is true) Subhanallah…

“Pictured myself for a moment in the arms of my father
Flashback to the bended shoulders
On which I'd sit
Grabbing his finger
Taking my first step
Would I become like him?
After a certain age bottle up
Stop showing love
But cold handshakes throughout the years
Replaced by hugs”

I vividly remember the time when I still need to hold my parents hand before crossing the streets, the time when I cried so badly that I want my dad to buy me the Rollerblade, the time when I played ‘dolls’, ‘doctor-patient’, ‘teacher-pupils’ and ‘dinner-tea’ with my childhood friends, the time when my beloved mum and dad sent me on my first day to school, the time when I was scolded for teasing my brothers and sisters and the time when I got sent to my room for getting bad marks in class. (Oh, I can be quite schmaltzy sometimes and I can go on for length! Typical me!)

But now…

Now, I don’t need to hold nobody’s hand to cross the streets (Oh, you have just to look on your left, then on your right, then on your left again or either way, it’s the same, as simple as that, you see!), I even forgot how I used to rely on my parents in everything I did, how I used to pour all my problems, share my secrets, and cry my tears on their shoulder (I’m a soft-hearted person, really!). If I ever need anything or if I want something so badly, I would just buy them with the money I have, I don’t have to ask them to buy things for me. I didn’t get scolded anymore nor being sent to my room for getting bad marks. I do everything on my own now except that I still seek their advice which I find the most soothing and comforting for me. Yeah, things do change and I really miss the old days though I know that time would never come back. Never!

They said when you’re 21 years old, you have crossed the borderline where you have to decide seriously what you’re going to do or what you’re going to be as your age increases. It’s the age where you have to seriously think and plan for your future lifeline. (Hurm…) But some said that when you reach that 21, you now have the key for freedom. (FREEDOM?!! You mean as in freedom to think or in freedom to do anything by your own will?) And 21 years old in my country, means you get the privilege for voting the ruling government during the Election Day which occurs once in four years. To wind it up, being a 21 years old denote that you’re supposed to be a mature, responsible, independent person. (Ah, there are a lot of people getting marriage by this time of age). No worries!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Whatever 21 years old mean for others, as for me, I have nothing to complain in my life. I have a family who love me and care for me forever; my beloved mom and dad and my dearest sister and brothers, whom I am ready to die for, plus I have the best of friends around me, the friends I can’t bear to lose from my life forever, and now, here I am studying medicine and struggling to become a good, reliable gynecologist one day, InsyaAllah. In short, I have yet a life to be grateful and thankful for, Alhamdulillah. All praise be to Him. Yes, considering all these facts, I have thus a lot of reasons to thanks the Almighty for all the ni’mah He gave me. But sometimes I simply forgot all these blessings He ever grant me just because of a tiny miserable problem that cross my path, Astaghfirullah, I am such a crap sometimes, I am!

“……For a moment I pictured my self 6 feet deep
In the cemetery, my corps in the same white sheets
Allah holds the master plan and it's already written
The pens are withdrawn, the pages are dry... it's written!”

(Yes I know, I know that He can take them all back whenever He wants in just one blink. Who knows? And to even think He can strap my life anytime He wishes or when I’m laughing heartily forgetting that He’s the one who create me. No, please! I’m not ready to face Him yet, honestly. Oh, I’m really forgetting the real purpose of my life on this decaying mother earth, badly enough I even forgot that I’m His servant sometimes! Oh, do please forgive me, I beg You).

“I created the jinn and humankind only that they might worship Me.”


“Looking back on my life
Life that's gladly been given to me
Open my eyes and embrace the smile
Given to you & I”

O’ ALLAH, please forgive me and my friends for all the sins, for all the wrong doings we’ve made. Please, O’ ALLAH let us stay in Your Deen Al-Islam, let us walk in Your path, let us be Your humble servant until the day You take us back. Ameen.

“If I worship U in fear of hell, burn me in it
And if I worship U in hope of paradise, exclude me from it
But if I worship U for Your own being
Don't withhold from me Your everlasting beauty”

I am thus now officially 21 years old. And if there’s ever be one wish, I would wish for the Ummah to be strong and united again and for His Deen, Islam to rise again, InsyaAllah!

Owh, and special thanks to my beloved parents and teachers who’ve moulded me to what I am today!

And so,

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Birthday Blessings

Instead of counting candles,
Or tallying the years,
Contemplate your blessings,
As your birthday nears.

Consider special people
Who love you, and who care,
And others who’ve enriched your life
Just by being there.

Think about the memories
Passing years can never mar,
Experiences great and small
That have made you who you are.

Another year is a happy gift,
So cut your cake, and say,
"Instead of counting birthdays,
I count blessings every day!"

By Joanna Fuchs


P/S : The truth is, I’m going to lose my friend who will get married this summer hols. Allah knows how I would miss her being my friend, my roommate, my cooking mate and my classmate since we’re 13 years old. I’m supposed to be excited when she told me this news but inside I’m very sad because I would never have someone to share my problems and secrets anymore. I just never thought that she would get married this fast. I just never can absorb the idea that she is going to be somebody’s wife. So, each and every free time we have, I tried to spend as much time as I can with her because after this, of course she would be living with her husband. See, how times go on so fast and things changed??!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Islam In Netherlands

Salam dear brothers and sisters,

Here's a video about our sisters in Netherlands. This video focuses on the lives of some Dutch Muslim women and their families. Their life as Muslims in Europe. MashaAllah, they really love and practice their deen as much as they can. They try their best to make their families be comfortable and understand why they took the decisions that they did to become Muslim and to worship Allah alone. Taken from Turn To Islam.

It is not an easy life as a new convert yes, but all in all they managed to go on with their new life. Its amazing how some of their parents tried to suit themselves with the 'new' children of them. Ironically, a lot of Muslims which were born as Muslims nowadays revert to other religions. Weird, ha??

Nice video to watch, may their heart stay in Islam forever and ever, insyaALlah.

Me : I love this quote "You have the 'bad hair day' but we have the 'bad hijaab day'"

Sunday, February 04, 2007

-AlWaajIbaTu AkthaRu MinaL AuQaTi-

1. The new semester's timetable surely is a killer. Imagine in one day we have to go to three different hospitals which situated far from each other for different classes. This is like 'Amazing Race' you see, to arrive at the exact hospital at the exact time was really demanding. Alhamdulillah, till this day, i can cope with it, hope i still have the gut in the future. Moreover, there's a day where we had all the exam subjects in one whole day that is Internal Disease, Pathoanatomy and Pharmacology, sometimes we just confused, which one we have to focus on? Surely, we'll missed one or two subjects in order to focus on one because the marks are taken in each class according to our performance, but that's it, whatever, we have to face it, ain't we. Yeah, sometimes i thought, it's not easy to become a good doctor, but it's a lot more tougher to become a good servant to Him, this is yet a task for us. So, be patient! Don't grumble ...

2 . We had an Islamic Winter Conference last week. Well, simply saying, it's the first ever held in our university by the newly form Islamic Student Movement (Usrah Team). I'd say, nice try! I was one of the facilitators and we did a lot of things. There's group activity (Ta'aruf and fardhu Ain practical in oversea), there are also some slots on Halal and Haram Food, a talk on Fardhu Ain Practical in oversea and the best ever was the forum on 'Love Management'. The forum was flamed with questions from the students and the panels were students too, but well, i can say they did their very best. It's about how to handle love at teenage age and how to not involve in coupling before marriage. Of course the main aim is to educate us that what's most important is the love towards the Only One, The Almighty Allah.

At the end of the Conference which was held in two days, we have this slot where they showed a video on Sakaratulmaut. Nau'zubillah, i was very terrified at the end of the show and i never realized that i was still holding on my friend arm after the show finished. This video showed how a person died and send to the grave and be left alone. Then there's voice of the Munkar and Nakir asking questions - Ma Rabbuka??? It was really terrifying, that I had tachycardia (very fast heart beat). But then, this person who have done bad things during his/her lives,
can't answered the question and it's like this person was being punished because the body was shaking and trembling terribly. Allahuakbar, i can't bear the voice screaming for help that nobody would ever hear. To me, yes, it was very scary and remind me of every sins i can't remember i did, yes I'm not a perfect person and i know every sins did will be count no matter how small it is. Rasulullah SAW said : "An intelligent person is one who constantly thinking about and preparing for death."I'll try to get the video uploaded here and shared with everybody. InsyaAllah, i hope it will educate us all that we'll be facing His judgment one day.

After that, they showed another video about how the Russian Archaeologists who were testing the ground movement but instead heard strange screaming voice inside which they thought might be the screaming of the grave dwellers receiving their punishments, wallahua'lam. Some of the Archaeologists, convert to Islam and some of them quit their job at that moment. I guess this story was very famous that i think you might know or recall it. Well then, we had the prize giving ceremony to the groups who won and we had an Iftar Jama'e since that day was the 9th of Muharram and tomorrow would be A'syura.
So, that's how it went and we hoped that we'll be having this Winter Islamic Conference again with a lot more informative and interesting activity, InsyaAllah.

One of the video showed during the conference break.

3. Yesterday we had a Welcoming Ceremony for the Newborn Muhammad Adi Haikal at the mosque. What is so special about him is that he was the first child born in our Malays community here in Ukraine. His parents were still studying in their fourth course this year. We had the Marhaban, 'berzanji' and cutting the infant's hair ritual. The dishes were delicious too though! =) May the baby Muhammad Adi Haikal grow up healthy and happy with Iman and islam, insyaAllah....

All the best to his parents!

Muhammad Adi Haikal and his mum.
(Sorry the picture isn't clear, bcuz everybody's surrounding him and tried to take his photo.)

4. We've started our halaqah after about three weeks stop because of exams and holiday. Well, one more activity added up to my list this semester, back to the busy old days...

5. Our Nuqaba' leader gave us home tasks in which we have to to read one educational book especially about Islam and to jot down anything we experience everyday that gives us good lesson and to share it with everybody in the Nuqaba' meeting every Friday and InsyaAllah if I'm not lazy enough, I'll post it up here in my blog in 'A Cup Of Tea'. Gosh, it seems like I'm back to the diary keeping days.....


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tagged : 5 things you don't know about me

I've been tagged by Z3tr and it was my first tag ever. Okay, I'm supposed to be excited, but now the problem is, this one tag is uuurggghhh very personal!

I'll try though, now here i go ....

1. I've been longing to be tag by other bloggers so much, and now i got one, i was dumbfounded. Huh??!! Thanx Z3tr!!!

2. I. am. a. very. shy. person. Yes, and that is a fact. Besides the fact that i speak out of whatever there are in my mind, loud and clear either in this blog of mine or when i go online, i am but a very introvert person outside (with strangers and people i don't usually talk to and sometimes even with people i know). I prefer to be an observer rather than talking. It's not that I'm kinda proud or snobbish or what, it's just that i don't know how to start making any conversation. Yep, that's me!!

3. I have several Turkish friends who taught me Turkish online. Wanna have a try? ismin ne? nasilsin? sen ne okuyorsun? =) (Unfortunately, i can't type Turkish letters here).

4. I have an affection towards BALLS. Yes, just any ball. I would bump, throw, bounce , etc it. I admit that I don't have any special skills with balls in any games, be it football, tennis, table tennis (ping pong?), volleyball, netball, basketball, you name it, but if i do get one in my hand, watch out!! (err, except hockey ball, you know how heavy it is...) And i very much love jungle tracking, hiking, camping, flying foxing and and some others of the extreme adventure outdoor activities, even the bungee jumping if i have the chance though. (No, this is just one of my desire, but no, I won't try it :-p because I'm not that brave, I just like challenges, not that I'll except every one that comes, but I'll try if it doesn't exceed the limit of my capability. =)

5. Finally, I love making puddings and deserts. Not that i know a lot, but i love to learn and make them and of course to eat them!


Done. =)

In order to disperse this tag, I proudly pass it to Cevris, Sarah and Athirah.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Yeay, new blog at last!!!

Been waiting for this for too long, finally i can move my blog to the new version. Anyway, this is a testing post, to see how it works. I'm gonna post this under Journal, let see....

Anyway, i'll update this new blog later, maybe in weekends because right now, have a lot of hometask to do, the new time table for this 6th semester is killing me...


Saturday, January 27, 2007

A trip to Kharkov


So here are some details about my journey to Kharkov the previous week. Well, before I forgot everything, let’s pour it all here. It’s not as detail as it can be, but its the least I can remember, because this whole first week of new semester was really restless and tiresome. I’ll try to make it as short as possible …

18 January 2007 –Wednesday

Set out at 9.45 pm to the Simferopol Train Station. There were two groups, mine was 8 people, and the other was 10. Separated at the train station, boarded the train at 10.15 pm. Self-adapting inside the compartment, making bed for sleeping etc. It was a nice journey except with the humpty dumpy bumpy all along the way. But all in all, we slept soundlessly.

19 January 2007 – Thursday

I woke up at about 6.00 am by the sound of others who had also just waked up. We made the morning ablution and the Subuh prayer. We had breakfast of bread fried with egg, ‘cucur udang’, fried rice, doughnuts whish was made by Kak Bad and a nice hot lemon tea made by the train stewardess.

At 7.00 am, we arrived at Pivdennyi Vokzal, the Kharkiv Train Station. It was so cold when we first stepped our foot at the station. The Kharkovities were hurrying here and there. We made ourselves out of the train station and reached the front of the big station building. The morning view was spectacular. A school of sparrows (doves?) were having their morning breakfast, probably provided by the people there at the train station.

Our first intention was finding a place to stay for a night or two (we’re not sure how long we’ll stay there in Kharkov). Meanwhile, some of us can’t resist the urge to start taking pictures here and there. The cold weather was made worse with the tiny drops of rain, but this didn’t make us give up searching for cheap hotel, hostel or maybe an apartment.

We wandered around the train station, while taking pictures and looking around some of the beautiful building which we thought might be some of their administration departments. After almost an hour of searching and asking, we finally managed to talk to a taxi driver who said he knew some cheap place for a one night stay. It’s a guestroom of some apartment, and we just agreed after having some negotiation about the price and place.

He then brought us to his car and loaded us all eight people inside it. At first, we thought that he was going to take us with some mini-van, but then we have no choice. Really, a survival! Inside the car, we ‘fixed’ ourselves nice and neat, and there we went zoooomm...oh!

We arrived at the apartment’s guestroom which appeared to be quite far from the city center and a little more isolated, but it’s okay as long as we have a place to stay, this will be fine, because by tomorrow we’ll try to find another place which is a little more near to the center. We paid the driver and made ourselves into the guestroom, done the jama’ prayer and set out again, this time we’re going to explore what Kharkov have for us.

From the apartment, we ride a ‘tramvai’, (don’t know what it’s called in English, maybe tramway? but it’s the train which goes on the road with cars) to the station. At the station we booked for our ticket back to Simferopol, we’ve decided to stay for 3 days and 2 nights at Kharkov. Then we went straight ahead to the underground. Now we were at Pivdennyi Vokzal Station, and using the map we bought, confidently we ride the metro to Radianska Station. They said that Radianska is the city center of Kharkov. The metro is the most important transportation here in Kharkov, back in Simferopol; we only have buses and mini van to take us anywhere. The underground stations were beautiful too, the architecture was amazingly built.

The Metro Station map of Kharkov

In Radianska, we have the typical Ukraine’s famous city view, like in Kiev for example. So, we just wandered around the shops and streets like we knew them by heart. We don’t have any tour guider, we’re on our own that’s why we don’t really know the name of any streets we walk into or any historical site we stop at, but we can guessed by the look at it as for example if there’s a statue surround by some armored fighting tank car, we would guess that this must be some of the memorial for their soldiers who had fight for their country. When we walked around the Radianska or more commonly known as Savetskaya city, it’s already getting dark and we’re getting hungry. So, we head back to the Metro station in another way around. We went straight back to the guest room, have a dinner with only bread and chocolate and went to sleep, because we’re very tired at hope that tomorrow would be better, insyaAllah.

20 January 2007 – Friday

We woke up early, have a bath and prepare ourselves for the next exploration. After having the check out process done, we headed straight to the train station by ‘tramvai’. Have a fast breakfast and start our searched for the new place to stay for that night. We asked several folks there for ‘kvartira’ (apartment), but in vain. We heard about one hotel several station from here, but we’re not convinced until several people told us to do so. Without hesitation, we rode the metro to Sportivna, where the Hotel named Metalist located. It is four station far from Pivdennyi Vokzal Station. When we arrived, we checked in, settled down for a while, done our prayer and set out again. This time, our destination was the Tsenral’nyi Rynok (Central Market). We didn’t bought nothing much there, because it’s raining and the Market was almost closed at that time. So, we called the other group and they suggested that we visit the Vietnamese Restaurant there in Vietnamese Rynok. Sounds great and appealing, what else, that we’re very hungry, we can’t resist anymore, so we went down to the underground, buy the token at rode the Metro to Radianska Station first, then change at the Istorychnyi Muzei Station to Akedemika Barabashova where the Vietnamese Rynok situated. The rynok was very big, it covers like thousands km (my imagination), but unfortunately, it was already closed when we arrived there, so we tried to find the restaurant, they said that we can eat Char Kuew Teow there. It’s true that there’s this restaurant, which only sell Vietnamese and some others Asian food. However the restaurant was also closed and we knew that we’re late, so we just walked until we found this clean, wet market at the end of the restaurant selling all the vegetables you can’t find in western country, for a moment we felt like we’re in heaven, imagine you found some ‘serai’, onion leaves, ‘daun sup’, ‘kuey teow’, ‘tauhu’ and ‘tauge’ there. Oh, why they’re not in the Simferopol? But the price was 2 or 3 times higher than in Malaysia, I guess it’s because they’re imported.

The days getting darker and we’re told before that that day, it was the 1st of Muharram 1428. So we stopped at some deserted place and made the du’a after Asar (Doa Akhir Tahun). The du’a was read by our senior through hand phone using the loudspeaker. Ah, technology!

We shopped for some food at the supermarket nearby that was still open and headed back to the underground to continue our unknown destination (we didn’t plan this holiday!). We stopped at the Universytet Station because they said there’s a beautiful University building there. So, okay let’s have a look. When we arrived there, it’s already dark and MashaAllah, the view was really brilliant, the night was filled with lights everywhere and the buildings, architecture was ingenious, even it was so cold due to slight raining before, it doesn’t stopped us from walking and searching for the so-said beautiful University building. We walked and took pictures everywhere, sometimes we would go inside any shop, or would stop to see if there’s any ‘halal’ restaurant that we can have our dinner for that night because needless to say, we’re very hungry and a little irritated to find the Vietnamese Restaurant have closed. It was then that our hoped getting brighter when Solehah screamed that she saw the Celentino Pizza Restaurant not far away, Alhamdulillah at least some place we knew. We had the finest dinner there with pancakes and Italian pasta and delicious salad that we’re too full to walk. This the beautiful Celentino Restaurant we ever went into because there’s some Selentino restaurant back at Simferopol too.

Then, we continue our walking until we reached a big gigantic building which of course is the university. It’s the Automobile University. Well, it’s sure is big and beautiful. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a good view because it was very dark and there’s no light shining the building, so we tried to take pictures without flash and using the night mode. Well, the result was satisfactory, though.

We continue walking until we reached another Metro station which happened to be Pushkins’ka Station. We learned that this the most beautiful metro station among others, and its true. When we went down the underground, the wall was carved nicely and there’s some extract of Pushkin’s poem on several of the walls. We rode the metro back to Sportivna, having transit at the Radianska-Istorychnyi Muzei intervention.

The room at the hotel was welcoming enough. After having done the night prayer, we gather in one room and start making summary of our journey that day, planning to go to the Vietneamese Rynok early in the morning before check out at 12 in the noon. Then we went to sleep a little early out of tiredness of so much walking.

20 January 2007 – Saturday

This was our last day here in Kharkov; we would board the train home at 9.30 pm that night. After having done the subuh prayer, we set out again to the Vietnamese Rynok like we’ve planned the night before. There at the Rynok, we were amazed by so many people from Vietnam, they became the dwellers here. They constitute the majority of the population there. What amazed me more was that they can speak fluent Russian without attending any language course or what like us. Yeah, it’s true that survivor has to learn everything to continue living. We wandered around the rynok, going inside and out several times, there’s a lot of cheap things here they sell, where I didn’t bought much though. When the watch showed almost 11.30 am, we got back on the metro to our hotel to check out. Some of our friends who didn’t go out that morning were already besides their backpack. At sharp 12 noon, we checked out from the hostel as written on the receipt when we checked yesterday.

So, we headed back to the Vietnamese Rynok, this time it’s the Vietnamese Restaurant we aimed. They said, there are a lot of Malaysian cuisines sold there, I mean not really a Malaysian cuisine but at least Asian, that would be okay. So, when we arrived there, all the places were occupied, we have to wait several minutes until we got ourselves a big table by the end of the Restaurant near to the wet market which sell a lot of Asian vegetables product. Owh, I can’t wait to taste the Kuey Teow there. Unfortunately, they don’t cooked the fried Kuey Teow, instead they have something what was call ‘lapsa’, a Kuey Teow with soup, Owh, okay…. So we ordered a fried mee instead and we tried the Green Tea which is of course without sugar and taste very bitter but we drank them like it was an orange juice. My friend told me that green tea is a good remedy for fever and running nose. Okay…

Done eating, I went to the wet market to buy some ‘serai’. Owh my, sure they imported all of this because one ‘serai’ cost UAH 2.00, far more expensive than in Malaysia which only cost maybe around RM 0.50. I bought 5 ‘serai’ and satisfied myself with another sipped of green tea. Okay…

After that we start to move and went outside back to the Vietnamese Rynok because some of my friends who hadn’t chance to go out before wanted to have a look and buy several things. So, okay, let’s go and make it fast because my backpack was really heavy and I don’t think I can really bear this weight anymore. At some moment we’re being greeted by a lot of black people which I guessed must be from Africa/Morocco. Well I like to listen to them speaking American English, sometimes it sounded like rapping or something. It’s just so hard to find any people here in Ukraine speak perfect English so when we heard this Moroccan spoke, we were somewhat a little enthusiastic as if we’re in New York. HA HA.

After they’ve done their shopping of what seems to be almost 2 hours, hurggghhh… we boarded the metro back to the vakzal (train station). Goodbye then to this Vietnamese Rynok. At Vakzal we waited for several hours because our train was supposed to arrive at 9.00 pm. We wandered around the vakzal, there’s a lot of policeman in uniform wandering too, probably taking acre of the citizens there or maybe searching for illegal immigrants, I don’t know…

The time came when we boarded the train home, I mean our hostel of course. I was seated with Noor Sakiah and we got two others compartment mate who was an elderly woman and a middle-aged woman, owh, they’re very nice person.

We reached our hostel when the sun was still behind the horizon. It was sharp at 7.00 am in the morning. Owh what a vacation, and tomorrow we have to go to class. If only we have a longer holiday than just a weekend! So, that’s all about my journey to Kharkov, I’m not really good at writing traveling journal, this is all I can write, at least it can be some memory preserved here for me. =)

Sorry for the overlength.

Now it’s time for a bloody long hard work, for our State Exam will be at the end of this 6th semester and it’s very important that we pass because this is our penalty year. ;)

The end.


Friday, January 26, 2007

Muslim Inventions and Contribution to the World

A video about some of the many Muslim Inventions and Contribution to the World. Best video to learn about Islam contribution to science and technologies.

The video is almost one hour, so you have to let it buffer until the end and watch from the start. You'll be amazed by how Muslim contribute to the world with many brilliant inventions, MashaAllah. If ever that time will come back again... but history will always repeat itself, ain't it? InsyaAllah, just wait and see. =)

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Salam, back from Kharkiv, very tired but determined all the same. Tomorrow, our first class for the 6th semester will begin. All the best!

Salam Ma'alhijrah to everybody. Remember the hardship and difficulties of the ummah in the Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. times. may Allah bless them all with Rahman and may Allah guide us with Iman and Islam, ameen InsyaAllah.

Here's a video about Hijrah, the nasheed is collaboration between Aura, Saujana,Durrani, Nowseeheart and Ideal. This video is based on the 'Muhammad, The Last Prophet' animation. Very touching! Tufakkir!

Have to get ready for class tomorrow. InsyaAllah, i'll post up some pictures which i took during my travel in Kharkiv later.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Real Holiday at last!!!


At last, I'm going out from this hectic Simferopol city, traveling for maybe 7 hours by train to Kharkiv tonight. Another famous city in Ukraine. I don't know what's waiting for us there, but I hope every thing's gonna be fine, because this is an 'on-the-spot' plan out of boredom of doing nothing.

In the City Center of Kharkiv

Kharkov-bird view

Some extracts about Kharkiv from the Wikipedia.

Kharkiv (Ukrainian: Ха́рків; Russian: Ха́рьков, Russian translate Kharkov) is the second largest city in Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Kharkiv Oblast (province), as well as the administrative center of the surrounding Kharkivskyi Raion (district) within the oblast. The city is located in the northeast of the country at around 49°54′60″N, 36°18′60″E. As of 2006, its population is 1,461,300. People living in Kharkiv are known as Kharkovities.

Kharkiv is one of the main industrial, cultural and educational centres of Ukraine. Its industry and research specialize on arms production and machinery. There are hundreds of industrial companies in the city. Among them are world famous giants Morozov Design Bureau and Malyshev Tank Factory (Zavod Malysheva, a leader in tank production since the 1930s), Hartron (aerospace and nuclear electronics) and Turboatom (turbines producer).

There is an underground rapid-transit system with 35 km of track and 28 stations. Another landmark of Kharkiv is its Freedom Square (Ploshcha Svobody) is the largest city center square in Europe, and the 4th largest square in the world.

InsyaAllah, I'll update it with a lot more pictures and story after i come back.

So, all a long journey, gotta pack things now.


Chasers War On Everything - Americans

I don't have any idea that they're these, these ..... ignorance?

Chaser boy Julian Morrow, discovers how smart Americans actually are. And, uh, incase anyone is confused - thats not the Australian prime minister.

Me : The map, the map!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

North, South, East or West?


Alhamdulillah, the exams are over and now it's a holiday time. I've done my Russian and my Microbiology exams last week. Well, the results weren't much like what I hoped, but its still somewhere around what I expected. Russian language is very difficult. I've learned it for three years, but I still couldn't speak very fluently. The grammar is a bit like Arabic but it's a little more harder. I prefer Arabic more to Russian. The alphabets are kind of hard to write for a beginner. At first look, you would think it is some kind of Tamil/Urdu letters, but it's far more different. After learning how to write the alphabets, you would have to know, which one is the hard, and which one is the soft vowel. In one word, there's part where you need to stress, so the non-stress part would sound different from it original sound. Then when you speak, you must have a tone or rhythm, exaggerating the thing you want to convey in your speech otherwise the person you talk to wouldn't understand what actually you have in mind. Simply saying, there's a rule applied for each Russian word you say , unlike English or Malay, you can just say it the way you want it, but Russian, it's all about making it out right and perfect. I would say Russian is the hardest language to learn, but it's just from my own view. Whatever, I would have to always upgrade my Russian, (as we aren't going to have Russian class anymore when this term end) because I'm going to use it for another 3 years here in Ukraine and also for communicating with the Ukrainian patients during my practical years.

What about Medical Microbiology? Well, i love this subject the most after Histology. It gives me the satisfaction of knowing that there's other living things that move around you which you can't see with just your naked eyes (and this make me a lot more particular, careful person in handling materials around me). They can either be your good friend, or your worst enemy. They're called microorganisms. I guess everybody learn this, when they learn Biology in school, but this is just all about the bad microorganisms and what they do, how they live, how they come to contact with you, and how they make you sick, i.e. bacteria, virus which is called the pathogen. They could cause you some diseases through infection which sometimes cannot be treated, as for example AIDS that is cause by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) from the species retrovirus. Subhanallah, the way they multiply and replicate and spread throughout all the systems in your body, you just couldn't imagine it. So, keep healthy! I'm going to miss this subject after this. Sayonara...

So, i have a one week holiday, and still haven't plan of what to do yet. Next week, we'll start the new term, and it's going to be hardest than ever with 5 oral exams at the end of the term. Guess, we would have to extend our summer holiday, huh!


Actually, I'm just back from the airport, sending my friends off to London, well not directly, they would have to transit at the Kiev International airport to London. If I'm not here typing this post, i would already be on the plane right now halfway to London. I don't know why i didn't follow them, -hey it's London, it's one in your lifetime!!!- (a shout out for me). At first, they made a plan to go to Egypt, but the ticket was way much too expensive, then they changed their mind to Barcelona, Spain, but since it's not an English speaking country, they back off to London, the second choice (in this case, I'm just an observer rather than a contributer). So, off they go and I wouldn't see them in another 5 days. [psst, i just got an sms from them telling me, they've arrived in Kiev sound and safe, alhamdulillah]

One of my friend ask me to travel with her to Kiev, because she have to renew her passport at the Malaysia Embassy in Kiev. But, hurm... a second time to Kiev? I feel not like it. Another choice is Odessa. They said that its nice and beautiful there, warm sea breeze and natures and everything, but it's getting cold now, i don't know if there's going to be any warm wind breezing me out. However, I think I might consider this one, since sitting in my room and doing nothing would be such a waste of time. Traveling and observing part of the world Allah has created is better, at least i would get some picture in my mind of how this world really looks like. ;)

As for traveling overseas (other than Ukraine i mean), I have my own plan. I would keep my saving and go travel to Istanbul and Jordan during the summer holiday on my way back home. InsyaAllah. I hope so much that i can set foot in the country where the last Khilafah Islamiyah once ruled. Jordan? It's just another destination. Who knows, I might have a chance meeting my previous murabbi/naqib there in Jordan. =)


And today, I just got myself a green new armchair. Alhamdulillah. =)
(the old ones, i gave them back to the carpenter, because it's hostel property)