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Friday, January 26, 2007

Muslim Inventions and Contribution to the World

A video about some of the many Muslim Inventions and Contribution to the World. Best video to learn about Islam contribution to science and technologies.

The video is almost one hour, so you have to let it buffer until the end and watch from the start. You'll be amazed by how Muslim contribute to the world with many brilliant inventions, MashaAllah. If ever that time will come back again... but history will always repeat itself, ain't it? InsyaAllah, just wait and see. =)

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Really nice video,even it take time to buffer it.Yes,islamic civilization will rise again,such as the sun..it may have set,but with Allah willing,the sun will rise again..same like you,still wait and see,but struggle to that aim at the same time is more important.May you do so.
As Syahid-wannabe-guy
hai sis..assalamualikum..just want to ask, this movie at tube can't be save ke?if i want save this movie how ye?can u teach me?tq sis..
as syahid-wannabe-guy,

You are right, everything lies in the hand of Allah, yes but at the same time we must struggle to gain back what we've lost, InsyaAllah, if everybody will do their part, this will not be possible...


Waalaikumussalam sister, you can save any video at youtube. There're a lot of ways but here's the easiest one,


Go to this link, then copy the url of the video at youtube and paste it in the provided box, choose the type of file you want to have then just click start. It will convert the url into file that can be save. Either it will automatically download for you, or you will have to click at the newly converted url. Voila!

If you are still not sure about this, feel free to email me at aqieya_86@yahoo.com

It'll be my pleasure to help you.
thanks so much sis..i'll try..alhamdulillah..

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