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Friday, January 05, 2007

Little 'here' and 'there'

It's been a while seen i didn't post anything out of my mind. All the previous posts were just 'copy and paste' to keep this blog up to date. I've been busy lately because the exams are coming nearer and a lot of things need to be settle before I can take the exam. I don't know how's the system in other countries but here in Ukraine, you've got to pass all your minor test on every subject you take that year, then you can sit the exam, if not, you'll have to do the exam on the second attempt which somehow give you more time to read and prepare but of course, the pressure is more. So, I kept rushing here and there between classes and hospitals to 'clean and clear' everything before the next week which will be the exam week. 9th Jan for Russian exam and 13th Jan for Microbiology. Gulp! Tachycardia!!

I do have a lot of things to write here in my blog, sometimes the idea just sprang up while i was riding the bus on my way to the 7th State Hospital or just walking back to hostel from classes in the evening. But when i reached my room and open the notebook, everything just went blank, i guess it is due to my 'severe chronic' tiredness which cause an acute syndrome, better known as 'writer block' ,and after having done the night prayer, I jump on the bed and went straight to sleep. This have been my recent schedule lately, and I'm comfortable with it, since I can wake up at twelve or one o'clock in the morning and start revising.

Anyway, nothing else to write, just wanna say some wishes here :

Firstly : Belated Eid Mubarak Qurban Bayram) to every Muslims, Kullu a'am wa antum bikhair, InsyaAllah. Well, i have to say that we've had a very very sad eid. My Surgery teacher, Raznichenko Andrei Mikhalaievich, made us celebrated the first night of Eid Adha at the hospital, bombarding us with all of his hard core, unbearable questions. Oh, okay, okay I knew not to complain, anyway. He's a good teacher anyway, yes he is. =)

Secondly: Happy Belated Birthday to my two aunts who had had their birthday on the 1st and 2nd January. May Allah bless you and keep you healthy with Iman and Islam to always guide your way, ameen. Sorry for this late wishes though ... ;)

Lastly : All the best and good luck to everyone who's gonna sit for the oncoming exam. May Allah help us in every way and every hard time that we face, InsyaAllah ...

So, that's all until now. All three wishes in one post, I hope I make them short. =D


p/s : Sorry my grammar is very bad, I'm in a hurry. See ya!

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I guess the flash just doesn't work here. Sigh ...
hello sister..
so you study medicine..mashaALlah..
you planning on specializing in the future?

regarding the christmas.. aww :( wished that you didnt congratulate them about it..
Hope you had great Eid too, sis! Ayy exams re coming nearer huh? But don't worry, they'll be excellent inshaAllah no doubt dear!

Yes, i am, insyaAllah a doctor to be. Specialist? urm well, O&G insyaAllah.

regarding the christmas, well as a matter of fact that was my first time. Never done it before, because i never had a non-Muslim friends who celebrated Christmas. I thought i just did that out of courtesy, and actually my main point is about that teacher who kept us at the hospital for the night when it supposed to be eid.

Really, thanx for reminding, won't do that again.

(Ya, actually when i did this post, i did felt something was wrong.)

I guess maybe it's because our country is a multiracial country so, that we respect each other believe, but as far as i can remember, i've never wish a Merry Christmas. Weirdo. ;(

Neway, thanx for stopping by =)


Yeah, exams are coming nearer. Thanx, insyaAllah i'll try my best. Pray for me... =)

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