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Monday, January 15, 2007

North, South, East or West?


Alhamdulillah, the exams are over and now it's a holiday time. I've done my Russian and my Microbiology exams last week. Well, the results weren't much like what I hoped, but its still somewhere around what I expected. Russian language is very difficult. I've learned it for three years, but I still couldn't speak very fluently. The grammar is a bit like Arabic but it's a little more harder. I prefer Arabic more to Russian. The alphabets are kind of hard to write for a beginner. At first look, you would think it is some kind of Tamil/Urdu letters, but it's far more different. After learning how to write the alphabets, you would have to know, which one is the hard, and which one is the soft vowel. In one word, there's part where you need to stress, so the non-stress part would sound different from it original sound. Then when you speak, you must have a tone or rhythm, exaggerating the thing you want to convey in your speech otherwise the person you talk to wouldn't understand what actually you have in mind. Simply saying, there's a rule applied for each Russian word you say , unlike English or Malay, you can just say it the way you want it, but Russian, it's all about making it out right and perfect. I would say Russian is the hardest language to learn, but it's just from my own view. Whatever, I would have to always upgrade my Russian, (as we aren't going to have Russian class anymore when this term end) because I'm going to use it for another 3 years here in Ukraine and also for communicating with the Ukrainian patients during my practical years.

What about Medical Microbiology? Well, i love this subject the most after Histology. It gives me the satisfaction of knowing that there's other living things that move around you which you can't see with just your naked eyes (and this make me a lot more particular, careful person in handling materials around me). They can either be your good friend, or your worst enemy. They're called microorganisms. I guess everybody learn this, when they learn Biology in school, but this is just all about the bad microorganisms and what they do, how they live, how they come to contact with you, and how they make you sick, i.e. bacteria, virus which is called the pathogen. They could cause you some diseases through infection which sometimes cannot be treated, as for example AIDS that is cause by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) from the species retrovirus. Subhanallah, the way they multiply and replicate and spread throughout all the systems in your body, you just couldn't imagine it. So, keep healthy! I'm going to miss this subject after this. Sayonara...

So, i have a one week holiday, and still haven't plan of what to do yet. Next week, we'll start the new term, and it's going to be hardest than ever with 5 oral exams at the end of the term. Guess, we would have to extend our summer holiday, huh!


Actually, I'm just back from the airport, sending my friends off to London, well not directly, they would have to transit at the Kiev International airport to London. If I'm not here typing this post, i would already be on the plane right now halfway to London. I don't know why i didn't follow them, -hey it's London, it's one in your lifetime!!!- (a shout out for me). At first, they made a plan to go to Egypt, but the ticket was way much too expensive, then they changed their mind to Barcelona, Spain, but since it's not an English speaking country, they back off to London, the second choice (in this case, I'm just an observer rather than a contributer). So, off they go and I wouldn't see them in another 5 days. [psst, i just got an sms from them telling me, they've arrived in Kiev sound and safe, alhamdulillah]

One of my friend ask me to travel with her to Kiev, because she have to renew her passport at the Malaysia Embassy in Kiev. But, hurm... a second time to Kiev? I feel not like it. Another choice is Odessa. They said that its nice and beautiful there, warm sea breeze and natures and everything, but it's getting cold now, i don't know if there's going to be any warm wind breezing me out. However, I think I might consider this one, since sitting in my room and doing nothing would be such a waste of time. Traveling and observing part of the world Allah has created is better, at least i would get some picture in my mind of how this world really looks like. ;)

As for traveling overseas (other than Ukraine i mean), I have my own plan. I would keep my saving and go travel to Istanbul and Jordan during the summer holiday on my way back home. InsyaAllah. I hope so much that i can set foot in the country where the last Khilafah Islamiyah once ruled. Jordan? It's just another destination. Who knows, I might have a chance meeting my previous murabbi/naqib there in Jordan. =)


And today, I just got myself a green new armchair. Alhamdulillah. =)
(the old ones, i gave them back to the carpenter, because it's hostel property)


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Alhamdulillah,you have done your exams and now is time to enjoy your winter holiday.Don't be sad or disappointed because you can't follow your friends to London..maybe not now,but who knows..in future..But the plan to Turkey-Jordan is much better trip I think..so from now start your saving..ok!!

bestnye travel sis..i hope after u finish ur travel, u boleh citer wat u have done..semoga semuanya will be fine..insyaAllah..

InsyaAllah.... i'm just back Kharkiv, quite a nice city... =)

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