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Friday, June 30, 2006

Farewell is not The End


Nothing much to say, just a couple of line about our naqib. He just went back yesterday, 29th June-the day we finished our last exam. The flight was at 3.40 pm, so we managed to catch him after the exam to bid him farewell.

The day before yesterday, we met him and gave a farewell card with a CD containing some nasheeds, a video which we make special for his graduation day and some pictures. And we had had a one hour talk, the last halaqah, as we called it. We made it a happy one, although deep inside only Allah knows.

Well, as usual he talked about how we must always be united, no matter what happen, we must always be together. Love our friends like we love ourselves. Help them if they're in need. Help other muslims too, and don't look down on anybody cuz to Allah, they may be better than us. Yeah, this is so true. And the most important thing, he stressed out here, please make du'a, not to ourselves alone, but to every muslims, becuz its only then, that Allah will hear our du'a, insyaAllah.

Anyway, we will never see him again. NEVER. But all his words of advice, will insyaAllah remain forever in our heart. "It is not the person , but the al-ilm, the da'wa, and the knowledge that is the most important to u. People will go and come, that's life and u can't depend your life onto them, depend instead on Allah, because He's the one who made us meet and then made us apart".

InsyaAllah...we will remember that.

Life is traveled only once. Today's moment becomes tomorow's memory. Enjoy every moment, good or bad, and say thank you Allah coz the gift of life is life itself.

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