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Friday, June 30, 2006

My Daily Visitors

They come everyday, they stay, and they never go back. They're always there, from the moment i open my eyes, till i go back to sleep at night. Owh, and they only come during the summer time.

When they arrive, they never say salam, nor do they greet. They come and sit without being ask to, they don't drink, they don't eat. They just stay still, till somehow they're gone, just like that. Either u saw their bodies lying dead unbreathed, unmoved or they just simply vanished from your eyes.

I always wonder, why they don't visit me during the winter, or maybe during the spring or autumn. I always wonder why they came without 'saying anything' and suddenly they're dead unknown?

Oh, and u know where their graves are? Sometimes it's on my table or under my bag, sometimes i saw them dead on the floor, sometimes they just hit me and they fall swaying down, their beautiful wings smashed. I'm sorry, little creatures. Your life is so short, i couldn't even get the chance to know u more.

IK: Your presence, is a sign of His greatness, who created u to make us think and learn that life is very SHORT. And that we're on a very hazardous journey on this dunyia that He can take our life whenever, wherever He want it to be. AllahuAkbar!!

Say: "Is there of your (Allâh's so-called) partners one that originates the creation and then repeats it?" Say: "Allâh originates the creation and then He repeats it. Then how are you deluded away (from the truth)?" (Yunus:34)

Peach Blossom: Europe, across temperate Asia to Japan

Cizara Hawkmoth: Queensland to NSW, AUSTRALIA. Wingspan 2 to 2-3/4 inches

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