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Thursday, June 15, 2006

21st century - Doomsdays for dummies

A friend of mine post this in the friendster. Something to ponder about. Sit and have a think....

In the 21st Century...

Our communication - Wireless

Our dress - Topless

Our telephone - Cordless

Our cooking - Fireless

Our youth - Jobless

Our food - Fatless

Our labour - Effortless

Our conduct - Worthless

Our relationships - Loveless

Our attitude - Careless

Our feelings - Heartless

Our politics - Shameless

Our education - Valueless

Our follies - Countless

Our arguments - Baseless

Our Boss - Brainless

Our Job - Thankless

Our Salary - Very less

4 buah bicara:

That is so depressing. I don't like this post. Hahaha. As Muslism we should be happy, because we have something to look forward to. Jannah, InshaAllah.

Plus the food one is so wrong, it is getting more fat.
hey, this is not for a muslim striving for Jannah, this is for those who only run for Ad-dunya.
Those who find Jannah, won't ever feel like this.
By the way, yeah..i agree with u baout the food.
everything is becoming less..
but being faithless among the youth is a big matter..
how can we ensure they know that islam is the only way of life if they don;t have faith in their God?
you have a good point there, sis diyana. Yaeh, we SHOULD be worry about this, really!! We should be concern at least....

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