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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Until Now...

Hush! I will be having my exams in 8 days time. Adrenalin Rush! Three exams altogether, so do pray for me. And i won't open my notebook, not until i finish my exams (well, i hope so =>). So, there will be no post for yet another 2/3 weeks. (Did i just say that? Okay, we'll see...)

20th of June - Phylosophy
23th of June - Biochemistry
24th of June - Physiology

Please make du'a for me.

Until now, salam.

15 buah bicara:

You will do well, inshaAllah, I am sure, Doc;)) May Allah make it easy for you and increase you knowledge. Physiology and biochemistry is clear, but must you also write exams in phylosophy??! Good luck!!!
i also wonder why i have to take an exam in phylosophy, cevris....=>
Ameen to the dua above.
May Allah grant you success in this life and the hereafter.

thanx, really! InsyaAllah, i'll do my best.
Sis,I wish you goooood luck for tomorrow. I´m pretty sure you will do very well inshaALLAH, no doubt;)
Don´t forget to read El Fatiha before exam;) Do well inshaAllah!!!
Thanx, cevris! I'll try my best, InsyaAllah..
Aaand??? How was your exam, huh, tell me!!!
Alhamdulillah, i pass with excellent. i didn't even finish my answer, when suddenly the phylosophy lecturer stand up and said congratulation, u get 5.

Alhamdulillah really, but this Friday, it's biochemistry, very difficult subject, so do pray for me , ya!

in our system :



Thanx for ur doa.
Heeey!!! :) Alhamdulillah sis, I´m soooooooooo happy. Glad to hear this, but it´s not surprising, congratulations!!! And don´t worry about biochemistry (btw, I love this subject ;) ), with His help you´ll pass with excellent again inshaAllah, no doubt:))

Good luck, BalQis!
I really hope so. I don't expect much, but i'll try insyaAllah.. thanx, cevris!
nice blog! ada masa sila ke myuae.typepad.com - malaysians di UAE
Thanx. insyaAllah..
alfu mubarak
we dental student don't hv any phylosophy subjects..what does that subject all about?

do ur bez! Allah luves the bez..
bittaufiq wannajah
So, u're dentist? A future dentist? That's great!!
Phylosophy is just all about logical thinking plus irrelevant view by several ancient philosophists. Learning phylosophy, u juz have to memorize several names, like John Locke, George berckley, the triplets, socrates, plato, aristotle..and the list go on...
and also their weird ever opinions about life etc. Talk like u know everything in front of the lecturer and u;ll pass insyaAllah.
This is phylosophy we learnt in Ukraine, dunno how is it iin other parts of the world, hehe.
until now...

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