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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Are You Religious?

So i was stunt by the question. Am i religious? What's that supposed to mean? In what context the answer should be? Is this person who asked me this question isn't religious? Thoughtfully, i'll say, every muslim should be religious, so why is there a must to ask such question to another muslim? Afraid to make friend with someone religious? Or is this one of the question of 21st century? Cetainly i'm confused. So, i checked my PC Dictionary to make sure my Wernicke's Area is working properly (Although it is for understanding SPOKEN language), and not deceiving me.

So, the Word Web tell me :
A member of a religious order who is bound by vows of poverty and chastity and obedience. Having or showing belief in and reverence for a deity.
e.g "a religious man"; "religious attitude".

Okay, so i concluded that 'religious' mean someone who really have faith (iman) thru and thru and someone who is obedient with his/her religion rules (sharia'h in Islam).

So, i checked 'having IMAN'(or religious) in the Holy Quran :

Well, a lot if u ask me, here's some for example (u should open ur tafseer, cuz i couldn't paste the ayah here).

(2:66), (2:285), (57:8), (3:110), (5:93), (3:179), (34:52), (40:7), (42:18), (4:162)

And i get it, yes the question was RIGHT somehow. There are people who are religious and not religious. Even if they're MUSLIMS. And being a muslim, u should know the 6 'Arkanul Iman'. U're not yet a religious person if u don't believe in ALLAH, Malaikah, the Kitab (Taurat, Injil, Zabur, Quran), Rasul and Anbiya', Yaumul Qiamah and Qadha' Qadr.

But every muslims do believe these if u ask me. Yet, where is this question leading us? I was left with a question mark right there in one of my newly form synapse (as i was reading Biochemistry and have to memorize complex structure when this question came).

Yes, they DO believe, but they don't understand depthly the meaning and the demand of 'Arkanul Iman'. So, are they not religious enough to be call religious?

Yet, Allah has said that u're not consider religious unless u're put on test. (29:2)

So, the question of if u're religious or not religious, do we have the right to answer it, or it is He who knows?

How can we know if we're religious enough or not? By our deeds? By our way of talking? By our cloths that we wear? By memorizing some verses from the Quran and act as if we know it all? We don't know, right? But we can tell that some people are religious when we see one. (Although we couldn't judge the book by it's cover, still u can't deny that if u see/speak to somebody, u know that this person somehow is religious). But deep inside, only Allah can judge. Wallahua'lam.

So, how can i answer this question?
Righteously, i don't know. To say that i've put under test, is something beyond my normal capability to think (maybe yes, maybe not). To tell that i've passed the test given also is beyond my boundary to judge. And so, only one humble answer left remain...

Wallahua'lam. Only He knows.

*to those who're not familiar with this (5:89)---> means surah 5, ayah 89.

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Nice post! Anyway I think, as you also said that everyone should believe in the 6´Arkanul Iman. Nobody can know who is a shining star in His (SWT´s)eyes, SubhanAllah. May Allah (SWT) make us steadfast on Islam - Ameen!

Tace care, Doc ;)
Yeah, InsyaAllah. whatever it is, whatever we do, strive for jannah, insyaAllah!
a very good post..
no matter countless good deeds we do, no matter who we are..
we strive for the best..
Mardhatillah is the ultimate aim..

A i a religious?
Let allah answer that..
He knows very well

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