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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Whoa... Prince Waleed's 38th car

Saudi Prince Waleed Bin Talal's diamond studded $4.8m SL600 Mercedes. It happens to be the Prince's 38th car. Some people have all the fun.

IK : This will do to add some xtra luxurious effect for my blog background. What d'u think?
(for more clear view of this pics, click the title post)

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thanks for visiting my blog...Mashah'Allah you have a good blog here, keep it up sister I'll try to come here regularly!

Can I put your link on my blog??
my comment on waleeds $4.8 million car:

On the day of judgement (yaum al qiyama) we will be asked about how we spent our wealth. What will this prince waleed say??!! Does he not know that the muslims in chechnya are undergoing a genocide? $1 million would be enough to feed, clothe and give shelter to all of the orphans and widows in the refugee camps.
Allah had grant him this wealth, the prince did not earn or work for it, and yet he acts soo rebelious!

....To Allah we belong and to Him we return.
Yeah, he forgot i think, somehow....

May he remember one day....

He never look down, i guess he never knew...

somehow, someone has to remind him...
he forgot sth
Hs brothers and sisters in palestin and iran and afghanistan or his own country need those luxury he has...

What a waste!!Astaghfirullah al adzheem
Masha'Allah, very nice blog.

Imagine being asked by Allah how you spent your $4.8 million dollars.

Uhh, scary...:(

May Allah guide us all. Ameen

Yeah, may Allah guide us all..

owh, by the way, i was just thinking, why do people own car that they can't drive???
Its more of a status symbol. That and how many women a man can get.

Oh amd I dont understand the comment you left on my blog. What did you mean?
if that's so....
He's wasting time and his money...LOL

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