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Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Bond Of Love Survive

Yesterday we went to a ceremony specially held for the graduates of CSMU, Ukraine at the AHRAR Islamic Center. Well, NOT ALL the graduates, that would be too much. Only the ARAB graduates, eight of them altogether.

We're invited to come by our naqib, Dr Abdul Wahid Abdus Soleh (now we can call him doctor =>) who had had his graduation day on that very same day. A big congratulation from us, u've done it!

But this would mean another thing to us. Yeah, we won't see him again, we won't sit together in halaqah and discuss al-ilm, we won't get to listen to his good advice. Rather sad though, because he will go back to his country, Jordan and serve as a doctor there.

Whatever life must go on, we have another 4 years to go before we finish our study and call ourselves doctor. =>

About our naqib, he is like our brother here whom we'll never ask for more. It all started when we were called to form a group of halaqah. But he's not long with us, we met him in our second year of study while he's already in his final year, the year that he actually finished his study. (well, he's done as a matter of fact).Yet, in the very short time, we've built a very beautiful bond of ukhwah especially between ourselves, me, Aisyah, Sakeenah, Atiqah and Farhana. Honestly, i've never felt that close with my friend, not before we met him. He taught us to love each other, to trust, to help and to have faith because of Allah. He always advice us to always do our best, because we're future muslim doctor and it's not an easy task to become one.

May Allah bless him and may he success in whatever he do, InsyaAllah.
As he always said, love in Allah is an endless love, so may the bond of love that we've built because of Allah survive!

Abdul Wahid, giving advice to us.

"Promise me that you will do your best"

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so true,about abd wahd..he's one of a kind in fact..no other naqib cn replace his place in our hearts(hahah poyo!)hehe..thanks 4 d knowledge doc,may ALLAH bless u now and forever!
Yeah, he even came to see us during our exams. He'll be back this 29th...huhu..

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