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Saturday, June 10, 2006

A little too overthinking


So the World Cup fever has started. (I saw a boy brought some wiring stuff, i think it's an ariel to put up with a tv set somewhere). Yet, i'm not a football fan. So, i don't felt the madness of this event. => (They told me German won over Costa Rico 4-2)

I got this through my YM offline messages :

A new nasheed group was form under the Telaga Biru Sdn. Bhd. Company. Well, another to add up to the world of nasheeds. What's interesting is that this group consist of three members who are hafeezs (MasyaAllah) from the Darul Quran Institutes and a wannabe doctor. Their musics are mostly based on percussion and they called themselves Kahsfi. So, good luck guys!

New home cleaner are out! Japan always the first to invent something really extraordinary. Why am i talking about home cleaner? Coz i'm very impressed with the invention, else i always have the same problem too. Thanx to this friend of mine who always seems to know what's on my mind. Hah! Review!. You can watch the video here.

While surfing through and through peoples blog, I found this really interesting one which use only cartoons to express feelings. Although the cartoons not really look like a professional drawing do, yet they're still cartoons. Voila! Thumbs up mister!
Click here to see.

A little words about my naqib who has finished his final year exams yesterday. Well, after receiving his SMS telling us he passed the last subject, we all wish him a hearty congratulation and so he is officially a doctor now. We can't wait to see him at the graduation day, though. He is our first naqib but he didn't stayed long with us to share a lot more knowledge due to his current studies and upcoming exams which now he had successfully passed with flying colours and yet, he is like our brother here. He will be back to Jordan to work there, i guess. So, all the best, bro! (Jealousy embraced us for we still have 4 years more to go to really become a doctor).

And so i'm counting the days towards the 2nd year State Examinations. Two more unbearable weeks to go. Biochemistry, Physiology and i-can't-believe-this-subject Phylosophy.

Make dua for me please. Ameen.

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I wonder why this chat friend of mine whom i don't know much forwarded this link to me, so and so, he is one of the members, and yes a hafeez too. I only realized it when i looked back at the picture carefully and saw the names. I don't know his real name but the nickname yes, is the same with the real name.

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