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Sunday, February 04, 2007

-AlWaajIbaTu AkthaRu MinaL AuQaTi-

1. The new semester's timetable surely is a killer. Imagine in one day we have to go to three different hospitals which situated far from each other for different classes. This is like 'Amazing Race' you see, to arrive at the exact hospital at the exact time was really demanding. Alhamdulillah, till this day, i can cope with it, hope i still have the gut in the future. Moreover, there's a day where we had all the exam subjects in one whole day that is Internal Disease, Pathoanatomy and Pharmacology, sometimes we just confused, which one we have to focus on? Surely, we'll missed one or two subjects in order to focus on one because the marks are taken in each class according to our performance, but that's it, whatever, we have to face it, ain't we. Yeah, sometimes i thought, it's not easy to become a good doctor, but it's a lot more tougher to become a good servant to Him, this is yet a task for us. So, be patient! Don't grumble ...

2 . We had an Islamic Winter Conference last week. Well, simply saying, it's the first ever held in our university by the newly form Islamic Student Movement (Usrah Team). I'd say, nice try! I was one of the facilitators and we did a lot of things. There's group activity (Ta'aruf and fardhu Ain practical in oversea), there are also some slots on Halal and Haram Food, a talk on Fardhu Ain Practical in oversea and the best ever was the forum on 'Love Management'. The forum was flamed with questions from the students and the panels were students too, but well, i can say they did their very best. It's about how to handle love at teenage age and how to not involve in coupling before marriage. Of course the main aim is to educate us that what's most important is the love towards the Only One, The Almighty Allah.

At the end of the Conference which was held in two days, we have this slot where they showed a video on Sakaratulmaut. Nau'zubillah, i was very terrified at the end of the show and i never realized that i was still holding on my friend arm after the show finished. This video showed how a person died and send to the grave and be left alone. Then there's voice of the Munkar and Nakir asking questions - Ma Rabbuka??? It was really terrifying, that I had tachycardia (very fast heart beat). But then, this person who have done bad things during his/her lives,
can't answered the question and it's like this person was being punished because the body was shaking and trembling terribly. Allahuakbar, i can't bear the voice screaming for help that nobody would ever hear. To me, yes, it was very scary and remind me of every sins i can't remember i did, yes I'm not a perfect person and i know every sins did will be count no matter how small it is. Rasulullah SAW said : "An intelligent person is one who constantly thinking about and preparing for death."I'll try to get the video uploaded here and shared with everybody. InsyaAllah, i hope it will educate us all that we'll be facing His judgment one day.

After that, they showed another video about how the Russian Archaeologists who were testing the ground movement but instead heard strange screaming voice inside which they thought might be the screaming of the grave dwellers receiving their punishments, wallahua'lam. Some of the Archaeologists, convert to Islam and some of them quit their job at that moment. I guess this story was very famous that i think you might know or recall it. Well then, we had the prize giving ceremony to the groups who won and we had an Iftar Jama'e since that day was the 9th of Muharram and tomorrow would be A'syura.
So, that's how it went and we hoped that we'll be having this Winter Islamic Conference again with a lot more informative and interesting activity, InsyaAllah.

One of the video showed during the conference break.

3. Yesterday we had a Welcoming Ceremony for the Newborn Muhammad Adi Haikal at the mosque. What is so special about him is that he was the first child born in our Malays community here in Ukraine. His parents were still studying in their fourth course this year. We had the Marhaban, 'berzanji' and cutting the infant's hair ritual. The dishes were delicious too though! =) May the baby Muhammad Adi Haikal grow up healthy and happy with Iman and islam, insyaAllah....

All the best to his parents!

Muhammad Adi Haikal and his mum.
(Sorry the picture isn't clear, bcuz everybody's surrounding him and tried to take his photo.)

4. We've started our halaqah after about three weeks stop because of exams and holiday. Well, one more activity added up to my list this semester, back to the busy old days...

5. Our Nuqaba' leader gave us home tasks in which we have to to read one educational book especially about Islam and to jot down anything we experience everyday that gives us good lesson and to share it with everybody in the Nuqaba' meeting every Friday and InsyaAllah if I'm not lazy enough, I'll post it up here in my blog in 'A Cup Of Tea'. Gosh, it seems like I'm back to the diary keeping days.....


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