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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tagged : 5 things you don't know about me

I've been tagged by Z3tr and it was my first tag ever. Okay, I'm supposed to be excited, but now the problem is, this one tag is uuurggghhh very personal!

I'll try though, now here i go ....

1. I've been longing to be tag by other bloggers so much, and now i got one, i was dumbfounded. Huh??!! Thanx Z3tr!!!

2. I. am. a. very. shy. person. Yes, and that is a fact. Besides the fact that i speak out of whatever there are in my mind, loud and clear either in this blog of mine or when i go online, i am but a very introvert person outside (with strangers and people i don't usually talk to and sometimes even with people i know). I prefer to be an observer rather than talking. It's not that I'm kinda proud or snobbish or what, it's just that i don't know how to start making any conversation. Yep, that's me!!

3. I have several Turkish friends who taught me Turkish online. Wanna have a try? ismin ne? nasilsin? sen ne okuyorsun? =) (Unfortunately, i can't type Turkish letters here).

4. I have an affection towards BALLS. Yes, just any ball. I would bump, throw, bounce , etc it. I admit that I don't have any special skills with balls in any games, be it football, tennis, table tennis (ping pong?), volleyball, netball, basketball, you name it, but if i do get one in my hand, watch out!! (err, except hockey ball, you know how heavy it is...) And i very much love jungle tracking, hiking, camping, flying foxing and and some others of the extreme adventure outdoor activities, even the bungee jumping if i have the chance though. (No, this is just one of my desire, but no, I won't try it :-p because I'm not that brave, I just like challenges, not that I'll except every one that comes, but I'll try if it doesn't exceed the limit of my capability. =)

5. Finally, I love making puddings and deserts. Not that i know a lot, but i love to learn and make them and of course to eat them!


Done. =)

In order to disperse this tag, I proudly pass it to Cevris, Sarah and Athirah.

5 buah bicara:

thnax 4 tagging me in ur blog!~btw, surely its copy n paste but wif some editing coz every article has its own copyright aite? i dun wan 2 b fine by any company or d author or sumting.. hehehe, (k, moz o d words r mine), (d info r theirs) + (+some r the facts r mine !!!!)... hehe~
then in order for me to have it in my blog, do i have to use my own words and do my own research? I guess so, means i have to start digging pharmacology now...

Ey, thanx for dropping by, can't wait to read what you'll write about the tag i passed u.....

Welcome again.
First off, the Quran recitation is an amazing addition to your blog.

Secondly, about "I prefer to be an observer rather than talking." <-- that's a great quality to have.
First off, the Quran recitation is an amazing addition to your blog.

I read ur post about embedding audio and it helps, thanx!

Secondly, about "I prefer to be an observer rather than talking." <-- that's a great quality to have.

D'u really think so?
snob! Oh sis, I can't describe how touched I am sis! SNOB Ok, enough goofying! Thanxs so much for tagging me, I proudly accept it and will write about 5 unknow things about me! As for being and observer is really better then jumping into everything and this is really a great quality what a future great doctor has to have. MashaAllah!

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