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Saturday, February 17, 2007


As a matter of fact, I'm quite left behind about this, but I don't care I wanna post it up here because its great! Amazing! Outstanding! Awesome! After the animation 'Muhammad, The Last Messenger', Saladin is one of the best Islamic Animated Movies. Saladin is renowned in both the Muslim and Christian worlds for leadership and military prowess, tempered by his chivalry and merciful nature during his war against the Crusaders, even to the extent that propagated stories of his exploits back to the west, incorporating both myth and facts.

What make me proud is that this animated movie was produced by Malaysian. The Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC) has been given the mandate by the Malaysian Government for the coordination, promotion and development of the information communication technology industry, the creative industry and selected services throughout Malaysia.

Way to go, Malaysia!

From what I understand, there are already Saladin - The Animated Series coming out. I'm not sure if its already on tv or not. And now Saladin - The Animated Movie (I'm not sure about this too, but the trailer seems like it is an animated movie). We'll see...

Here are two trailers, one is the real trailer and the other is a video clip made by faizulafzan83 with Alarm Me - Adakah Kau Lupa as the background song.

Watch and learn!

An action adventure series, Saladin has everything the target audience of ten to twelve year olds want; from heroes, villains, vendettas, drama, comedy, exotic locales, climactic swordfights, daring rescues, battling armies and a dash of romance. Saladin is the ultimate hero - courageous in the face of danger, never willing to admit defeat and funny when he needs to be. In a world of danger, there's only one man you'll want in your corner -Saladin.


Video by MSC Malaysia, Silver Ant Sdn Bhd
Original Audio by Imaginex Sdn Bhd
Music by toolateband


Owh, if by any chance you forgot WHO IS SALADIN or SALAHUDDIN YUSUF AL_AYUBI, just click here or here. =)

p/s : Guess, am quite late on this but better late than never, aite! =p

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