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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just one bit of grass


First thing first, the biggest ever thing that had burden me these past few months has gone away approximately one and a half hour ago, and I'm very very glad. PRODIGY! Yeah, that's it. Prodigy IS our club's magazine. Not that it's just a magazine but it's the club's annual magazine, so it contains reports of all the activities we did throughout the year and I dare say that PRODIGY, is the first of it kind ever published in Crimea State Medical University. So, as the pioneer of the editorial team board, we have to make it look so outstanding and great. Actually, I just wanna say that I'm very glad it's all over and done, because this Prodigy thingy had took the best of my times and that it had ruined my studies and made my life a little bit upside down and also I'm very tired and finally, Alhamdulillah the end of this, means everything's going to get back to normal, InsyaAllah. Be strong, be strong now. I hope so. Lets get organize!!!!

Prodigy : The Cover

A little about ElemEntsofLifE^. Basically, to continue living we will need the most important elements, say oxygen, dihydrogen monoxide, nutrients etc. (you name it). But life is not all about breathing and eating and growing old and die, it's about who you are and why you're here on this decaying mother earth. Thus, in order to know who we are and why are we here, we ACTUALLY need to know more, to love and to be near to The Almighty Allah or in other words 'taqarrub ilallah', the One who create and sustain all kind of life. Besides that we also need to love our Prophet Muhammad SAW and to follow his sunnah, these two elements have already constitute the basic of Iman. Finally without the holy Quran, which help guide our Iman, we ain't at least make our life a good Muslim outside and inside. All these three make up one beautiful religion by the name of Islam. The same goes to this blog, InsyaAllah the heart of it is of those three most important elements we really need in our life. The rest, you think! Wallahua'lam.

Last thing to say, sadly I can't go online anymore or update this blog more often like before because there's no more internet line going thru my notebook (what's this sentence? Never mind). I have to terminate it starting next month (March), which will be just tomorrow due to several reasons including studies, health, times, financial etc. I know I'm going to miss blogging and surfing the net and the fact that the world is no longer at my fingertip, is really upsetting =( . Until now, blogging has given me the satisfaction of owning my own world, where I can escape to, whenever I feel the world outside is crazy and unjust. I know that not all of my colleagues read this blog of mine, so i felt kinda free blogging here, new friends and all, its just another world, another story of my life. So now, whenever i feel like blogging, I'll just go to the cyber cafe, and spend a little time with the net but of course that won't be every hours or everyday. To all bloggers, just, keep up blogging! =)

For me, I have now a life to look after and a future to behold carefully. So long and take care everybody!

I leave you with this 3 minutes video of Mishary Rashed Al-Efasy reciting the Quran from Surah At-Tahrim, ayah 8 till the end of the surah. Start crying ...


La takhaf wa la tahzan,

4 buah bicara:

prodigy ... nice name. sometimes extra activities out side of studies are the most profound part of the university experience.

about your blogging break, I hope you find an equally satisfying activity ... i'm sure you will :)

huhu, a very positive thinking, just what I need, thanx z3tr.

Replying from the cyber cafe =)
This magazine seems to be very interesting...
Sis, I understand your leaving, but know one thing, it'll be hard for me to not read your posts. Nevertheless I wish you all the best with the studies and everything.

Take care:)

Cevris dear,

It's not that i stop blogging at all, InsyaALlah i'll post something sometimes but not as often as before.

I'm gonna miss reading your post too, Cevris.

Untiul now, take care and all the best to u too...


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