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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Home maDe garLic BreaD

It's 8.00 pm and i'm very hunGry anD TheRe's NothIng to eaT. But I waNt to eaT, sO i geT aLL thE stUffs reaDy and heRe i Go...

To maKe a GarLic BreaD, U'll nEeD :

garLicS, GarLic PowDer anD ButteR. WheRe's D breaD?
(notes : How muCh u neEd depenDs On How MucH yOu waNt To eaT) :p

CleaN The GaRliC, crUsH them Like ThaT in D picTuRe. ThiS is WheRe U'vE gOt To HaVe paTience. The ideA is To ChoP Like a profeSsionaL CheF noT Like a BaMbIno!

MiX theM aLL uP...

HerE comEs The BreaD...

SpreaD The IngreDienTs On The breaD
(notes : You caN sPrEAd On BoTh siDeS if u waNt)

heaT uP d frying PaN anD ToasT 'em UntIl it beCome Like...
(noTes : yoU caN aDD some ButtEr On The OtheR side so it'll becoMe a Lil' yeLlowiSh)
leT iT BurN... (maKe sUre It's a ThirD degree BurN, I'm Not resPonsIbLe For aNy 4th deGree oNe)

This One....

taDa! a Nice Mug Of waRm PerSiaN eaRl GreY tea WoulD do...

TheRe's 2 reaSon wHy I waNna makE garlic BreaD :

1. becaUsE aM reaLLy, reaLLy HungRy
2. becaUse TheRe's BreaD, a breaD!!
3. reFer To reaSon no 1 and 2.

OMG!! i forGot The saLt... But weLL, I PreFeR No saLt, cuZ i think The ButteR is salTy eNouGh. But if You'Re a saLt-loveR, doozo...

5 buah bicara:

iwanna i wanna i wannaaaaa~~~~~

hehehe =)
there's only one left though..
but only if u're fast enough, cuz guess what? am going to eat it till d last bit...

oooppss, by d time u read this, it's all gone, fingers licking good! ;)
It seems like i'll be trying your recipe.. inshaAllah it turns out nice
hantar2 la kat tingkat 2 gaks!
Candle of Hope

Guess, ur comment been here for too long without any reply, gosh... i'm such an abandoner... Sorry for that.


Tingkat dua?? Hostel mana nik? Ha? Lama dah garlic bread nih, la ni dah tak buat dah, ahaks... terlambat sudah...

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