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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Seenu LaNa

Our Islamic Land

China and Arabia are ours
India and everywhere else are ours
The Islam raised a religion for us
So the whole world is our land

Oneness of God is our light
we prepared our spirit to live for that
The world diminishes
but our deeds will never be diminished

The whole world is our worship place
To Al-Kaba is our aim
It is the first place we seek
with our souls while God protect us

In the shadow of religion we grow
so we built our land
The Islam knowledge over days
is the evidence of truth of our religion

The Islam Athan (call) has
its shadow in the west
Say to the universal sky that
we reached the stars by our integrity

O time didn’t you witness
the spark of our determination
The flood of evil didn’t
drawn our strong ship

O garden of Andlus (ie spain)
have forgotten our warm relation
Your branches have seen
our development and advancement

O Degla (ie river of Iraq) have you
recorded our honourable fingerprints
Your waves tell the world
our history and will repeat it

O the lighting land of the two
holy mosques and birth of our religion
The gardens of peace were made
by sacrificing our blood for your drink!

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