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Thursday, October 05, 2006

What A Voice, MasyaAllah

Assalamualaikum, brothers and sisters,

I hope everybody is fine. i'm doing just okay, alhamdulillah. Anyway, just wanna share this amazing video of a boy reciting Soorah Yaasin. MasyaAllah, his voice.....

Anyway, ramadhan kareem, kullu aam wa antum bikhair, insyaAllah. =>

What A Voice - video powered by Metacafe

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Jumaah Mubarak Sister!
It's been a long time huh:)
Hope you're fine and Ramadan is going well! I've one little question, when I open your blog there's one brother reading from the Quran. Can you tell me who he is? He has such a beautiful voice.

Take care

Jumaah Mubarak, cevris

I'm fine alhamdulillah...

The brother name is Yahya Hawa, sister..

Yes, i do like his voice reciting the Quran, it makes me want to listen more and more, don't you think so...

It's the words of Allah that is beautiful sister, MashaAllah...=>
Yes wallahi, I'm impressed. Thanks for your help and take care, sis!


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