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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I dont celebrate bithdays, I celebrate Maulid; Everyday!

Bismillah Alhamdulillah

Assalamualaikum Ya Muslims of the world

I hope that you are in great state of health and Iman.
As I can see, the season of Maulid is here. Yes, people are celebrating. We do dzikir, recite Qasidah, read the Quran, pray in Jemaah attend Haul…so on and so forth.

However I also can see some of us saying Celebrating the birthday of Rasullullah SAW is bidaah and should not been done. Some even result to being critical and hating this event. I hope that they dont hate the people that attend these events.

You see, we Muslims are fragile. We love Nabi Muhammad SAW more than we love ourselves. I myself am in love with Rasulullah SAW no doubt about it. But what have we done that we can be proud of to say that we love him? His sunnah? Do we even do all of his sunnah? His actions, his treatment of other, his ibadah, his mannerism, do we even start to think of him when we look into ourselves?

Thus some think that we can live and celebrate his life by celebrating Maulid on the 12th of RabiulAwwal, and thats it. Some thinks that all those who goes to Maulid on the 12th Rabiul Awwal thinks like this.

People talk about bidaah. I talk about sahabah. You need to see the context. During the time of sahabah, they celebrated his existence everyday, fought by his side, followed his footsteps,exemplify him. Now look at us. Some even disown those who go to these celebrations as their brothers and sisters in Islam.

Ya Rasulullah, Maddad , Maddad Ya Rasulullah. Your Ummah needs you!

I shall stand for unity of this ummah. I am not a Salafi, nor a Wahabbi, nor an ahlul bidaah. I stand by the words of Rasulullah SAW, the Quran, and the sunnah of the prophets. I love poetry, I love Qasidahs too. I sing it everyday actually. So as for me what ever makes me happy is to think and exemplify him and cherish his sacrifice that he have made. From the times of Taif, to Badr, from his birth till his passing. He is the person I will fight for, die for, and live for even though I have never met him, yet.

I am here not to hate. I am here to seek peace amongst the raging Muslims. The time is near. We need to be at the best state as possible. In anyway possible. InsyaAllah.
Im not a man of knowledge, I am a man of mistakes. Allah is my strength and the goodness in me comes from Allah. the worst of me comes from myself.

The best way to live his sunnah is to be in the da`waah movement. Have you joined?
Wassalam Alaikum Ya Ikhwan

from your bro,
Muhammad hbr

Solla a'laikallah... Ya Rasulullah,

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