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Thursday, September 07, 2006

A looks into Grandma's eyes

Almost three weeks staying at Grandma house made me understand what life is when we grow older.

It's ironic to think that we're still young when every year our age add up and never go down. Ah, as if!

Grandma used to be a very beautiful young lady in a time long ago i was not yet born. I didn't know so much about grandma, but she once was a teacher at a relegious school back when i was between 4-5 years old. I remembered my dad send her to the school where she taught once.
She's very strict with her four daughter, loves cooking a lot ( I remember how she made me some 'roti canai' in the early morning, hot spicy curry puff, pau and a lot others delicacies). She liked gardening very much (she used to have gardens in the backyard and at the front where she planted the guava, mango, coconut palm trees, vegetables, raised chicken.....). She knew how to sew, to knit and to make a sweet, little, chubby pillow for me when i was a baby until i'm 2 years old. She took care of me when i'm little, one thing that i wont forget foerever.

But know she's a diabetic, a disease that took all of her talents and memories away. She couldn't even remember her grandchildren names, forgot where she put things, and having difficulties in talking. If u could just look into her eyes when talk, u could understand how painful it is to muster some words into phrases to make others understand.

Today, she didn't cook, nor did she do any gardening. Everyday she take almost 20 pills before and after meals. Every night she receive one insulin injection which was made by me! (when i lived at her house, of course!). How painful.... =<

I don't understand how this one disease could disable her from everything (in term of un-medical thinking).

It's life, yeah...
now, u're sweet, charming little child, then u're the happy, joyous teenager, after that u become the beautiful/handsome young lady/man, then u become a dad/mom, have children, grandchildren, by Allah's will u become old and finally just waiting for the calling of God.

Is that life?
If it is, it's so much simple.
Who said life is complicated then? (again in un-medical term).

So...that's it?


"I created jinn and humankind so that they might worship Me."


Go home and do the math your own! ;)

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may ALlah ease the pain of your grandmother..
having diabetes.. leads to several diseases.. May ALlah have mercy on her..

Jazakee ALlah khair for this wake up call :)
i hope so, we never know when our hair will be grey, do we?


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