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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Noble Killing

Last two nights me and my family watched the National Geographic on TV. We rarely watched this show but that night, somehow the topic was unparticular to our mind.

It's about some old tradition in Pakistan, which was still being practised nowadays. It's okay if u've heard of noble killing anywhere, and its kind of okay with us too, because there's some tribe which practise this tradition though i couldn't recall where.

But, what surprised us was it happened in pakistan, an Islamic country and was done by the Muslim man.

I think u've heard of how the husbands could kill/torture/slap/smash/cut etc their wives/daughters body if they saw them talking/chatting/sleeping with other guys.

Well, so okay, because in Islam, woman is prohibited to talk to any of her non-mahram before and after marriage.

But this one, undoubtedly with emotion plus jealousy and self-possessiveness, these wives who are seen talking to any other guys except their husband is bound to get hard torture as hard as being burn.

One victim even being hung upside down, slapped, kicked and her nose, ear and eyes were cutted and pricked out. Whoa...scary huh!!!

The talkman asked if this is okay with Islam, and the man answered that this rule is stated in the Quran. Nobody report/arrest this 'psychotic killer', not even the police! They even said that woman is not human, they're object like any other objects we own and possess.

Now we're a bit confuse, we know that talking with non-mahram is haram, but where in the Quran that said u can torture ur wife like animal and rubbish??

They misinterpreted the Quran, that's what the problem. When u do something like that to other humankind, u're not anymore a human, u're same like the beast in the forest.

It's like u're back in the dark (jahiliyyah) times where fathers killed their daughter who was just born. I just like to ask them , where they put their brains!!

Fortunately, the talkman understand somehow that this is not the true Islam they practised, as this tradition is practise somewhere in South Pakistan mostly in rural area where the people are illiterate. No wonder ha! They said some shcolars told them so about this rule and even the scholar is illiterate.

For me, this tradition is mix up with Islam, and Islam get the bad name. No wonder we're labeled terrorist (somehow).

May Allah show them the right path and enlighten them with His nur.

3 buah bicara:

thats horrible..
to do that to their wives..

alhamdulillah for being trie muslims..
our beloved prophet - Peace Be Upon him - was very kind ..
and we should look at up him and follow his steps..
not follow the steps of shaitan
Whoa, crazy!
First of all, amin to your Dua.
Secondly, you say it yourself sister, where can you find orders in the Quran like treating your wife/daughter that way? What a pitty that people make their own rules. I swear, if you ask that man, he is the most Muslim, the most blah blah blah, pitty, nothing else to say!!!
candle-of-hope -> Sure, our prophet have 11 wives, and he treated them righteously, why shouldn't them follow him if they claim themselves a true muslim?

Cevris -> Yeah, hard to believe those things still happen nowadays, really!!!!

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