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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So muCh foR PrioRiTieS to B PriOr

Blurry red lights, deafening sounds, white, grey, dark grey, light black, black, dark black...

'I think we have some situations here'
'What is it?'
'It seems like some nerves breakdown, i don't know'
'Let me have a look'
'She seems fine'
'No, she's not'
'How are you so sure?'
'I don't know, i found this though'

-An organizer for dummies-

1st rule - Write anything that need to be done for the next two weeks
2nd rule - Count them
3rd rule - Fake a faint

1. Medical Catastrophe assignment - i'm tired of finding eartquake pictures, sir!
2. Neuorology Lectures - reworking? Let's hope for the best, and prepare for the worst!
3. Hari Raya Meeting - paperworks? That's for sure, dear...
4. Exams
- 27th of May, Hygiene
- 31st of May, Therapy
- 4th of June, Neurology
5. Flight tickect - i don't wanna go on board alone!
6. Sure Khatan - eeekkkss, almost forgot about that -> reminder pleaze~
7-40. Lotsa more which is well, private and confidential~

Ha ha, so much for a dramatic entry, just for fun while i can still say ' i'm fine '

Guess, am not alone though, others've been having the same nightmare but just with different backdrops and sound effects, am i not rite?

'La yukallifullahu nafsan illa wus a'ha'
Just be strong, for once (again?), okay!


BaruKisu writes again,
Rechnaya Street,
12.23 am

2 buah bicara:

kuikuikui...awat dh macam nk masok hosp no 1 dh ni balqis? sile bertenang yer...hehe.jelesnyerr die balek awal...huhu.
huhu... well, biasalah nak akhir sem tambah exam sumer, kalau tak sakit jiwa sebelum balik rumah takde ler namanya thrill nak balik umah...

pebende yang saya merepek ni, eheh...

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