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Monday, September 11, 2006

The end of Hols, the starting of works!!!!


10 hours from now, i will be onboard the plane to Ukraine

so goodbye Malaysia.....

I'm gonna miss everything!!!

Though a lot of ideas for entry to post here, time is running out, just this one post and done!!!

Anyway, just wanna ask for apology from friends, teachers, relatives and whoever i hadn't time to meet. InsyaAllah, the next time!!!

I missed one and a half weeks of class, so gotta do some reworking first and settle my medical check up.

Whatever, this year gonna be the tough one, BIG exams and all, aaarrggghhh....

O' Allah, let me have patience in me....Ameen

like one of my friend said,

"....though i hate leaving Malaysia, i have to admit i feel uneasy with no studying...haha...like wise people say...studying is an ongoing process...and i seriously can't wait for the coming 4 years to end!!!!huhu"

Well, she's right....

not that i agree but she had the point! =)


p/s : will not be posting maybe for a month. =(

3 buah bicara:

InshaAllah your studies go smoothly :)
don't forget the intention..
study for the sake of Allah
Selam Belqis!

Hope your journey was ok and you arrived home safely. I wish you Tawfiq in everything you do, sis. Just four years inshaAllah and we'll have a brilliant doc in front of us, no doubt;)

Take care sis!

semoga selamat sampai..ameen.
selamat mula study..semoga tahun ini lebih cemerlang..good luck..

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