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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Malaysian and 'Open House'

You can't separate this two. For Malaysian, or else being a Malaysian, attending or having an open house is like an obligation. Wherever you are, this is like a tradition you can never avoid. Because, only then i think that you can spare some times visiting your friends, relatives, and your far far way families.

Its same here in Ukraine, everybody, yeah almost everybody will have an open house, or i'd rather say, an open 'room'(because we live in a hostel). Being far away from family, we created our own small community here, and bad or good, we are yet, a family.

I don't know how this tradition started, but it has been long practised in our country. As far back as I could remember, this tradition started when we're having the Gong Xi Raya (the Chinese New Year clashed with Eid Mubarak). It doesn't exist such celebration, of course, but in Malaysia, where it is a multiracial country, 'understanding' is the key for maintaning peace. Even now, recently we're having a so called Deeparaya (because the Deepavali is one day before Syawal). Could you ever imagine that? For Malaysian, this is a good symbolic of unity. But in Islam, are we permitted to actually together celebrate other religions festives?

Because we're living in a multiracial country, 'respect' is another key for maintaning peace. So, i guess respecting their tradition is not a problem. If they invite you to their open house, fulfill it, this is where we show that Islam respect other religion as long as they respect Islam. But only to an extent of respecting, not practising what they do during their festives celebration. In term of being an open-minded, you're actually being a narrow-minded. Please do not mix religion and tradition, they're two distinctly separate things.

Having Indians or Chineses as friends, you couldn't avoid to understand their tradition and lifestyles. My principe is do not make wall between them and you, in that case they won't have the chance to know and learn Islam ( I mean they might have some bad or wrong interpretation about muslim and Islam).

Anyway we -or rather I- , received some open house invitation (with card and my name on it)amid the pack shcedule we have. For some, an open house is when you get to eat a lot of variety of foods, get to wear nice clothes and whatever your intention are, the most important is an open house is where we get close to each other as muslims, becuase its not everyday you get to visit each other. Spend some time and spread some love, tie some bond and tighten some ukhwah, this is how a community of small Muslim here should work, insyaAllah.

Our 'little gathering' on the morning of eid, bismillah.... =p

Actually, i want to admit that I'm really sorry I couldn't attend some open house invitation. =<>

And thanx to those who invited me, really i had a good time eating and knowing more friends. May Allah bless you all for spending your time cooking and serving. =>

Me : Sorry i don't have an open house this year, insyAllah next year. =)))

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