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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mom, you're the best!!

It was a stupid idea of mine. I was totally tired of doing my Internal Disease notes, ten pages and my fingers are like stone, so cramp it can't move normally, what else with my already fatigue arm due to its overusing during our badminton practice last Sunday (it was actually our physical training time which was supposed to be our basketball training but coincidently there was a University Closed Badminton Tournament and the Badminton couch somehow let me play with HER OWN RACKET). How fortunate, i thought. So now, i'm suffering from an overstrain of right arm, hyperfunction, i guess.

So, I stopped for a while, stretched my arm, took a deep breath and looked at my notebook's monitor screen. Emptiness. Time for some exploring. I don't know what and where to start, and this childish idea came to my mind. I typed my full name on google and clicked the search tab, eager to find out what will appear on the screen. This is otherwise known as 'perasan or syok sendiri'(dunno what's the term in english). Approximately 1.5 sec later, lots and lots of names similar to mine was visible. I tried to find the most close to me, which describe me or at least which have something to do with me....

And, aha....

Here's one, unbelievable to my own view, i clicked on the stated web address and....

My name is on the third line under SPM 2003
(click the image above for the site's link)

saw my name listed down together with other students who got excellence in their SPM exam. Wow, this was long time ago, almost 4 years had gone and it was still here? As if i can't believe what i saw, i read on and finally it became crystal clear to me. This was some appreciation or rather a somekind of congratulation ceremony for children whose parents are the members of PUSPANITA. As long as I remember, I've never been to one, ever since my PMR result came out. Yeah, I remember clearly now, it was MY MOM who went and took the certificate twice, (one in 2002 and 2004) instead of me who was still in school/matriculation and can't attend the ceremony.

And now, remembering all those past memories, brought tears to my eyes. I don't care about my name on that site, what i care now is my mom. I can't remember if I ever said thank you to her for taking her own time and replacing me for both the ceremonies i never had the chance to attend. I know every mom in the world would do the same for their children. That is just one reason (out of thousands and thousands of other reasons) why I love my mom very much forever and ever and now being millions of kilometers away i really miss her too.
Looking with teary eyes at my own name on the screen, there was a silent whisper of appreciation inside me to my far away beloved mother.

Thank You, Ibu.

Yeah, it was a long ago story, the old ME, the ME that I used to be.

And now, i don't know why i'm being such a lazy daisy, i don't know where my hardworkingness (is it exist such word?) have gone.

Okay, enough, enough, enough. I'm outta here. Have to finish my notes, right? Wish me all the best for tomorrow and the day after, for I not know what lay in front of me, better or worse only He knows.


p/s : Another time u're getting bored, just typed your own name and google search, sometimes what you find will surprise you. I just did. =>

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asalamu aleykum
first time here
for a while i thought you were from Ukraine, but then i realise you from Malasiya if am not mistaken

nice blog keep it up
hai balqis, salam alaik..congratulation for ur goood result..what ur fullname?
-i'm still looking around~
to q8ibloger

Ya, i'm from malaysia but am now studying in Ukraine. Thanx for visiting...

to anonymous

Congratz?? That's a long time ago, no need to congratz. My full name? haha, don't wanna tell to a stranger like you, cuz my mom told me when i was too small i cam't barely yet walk " Don't talk to stranger". =p
hehe..sorry.just want to know..i'm really sorry..cause i'm become stranger to u..
but ur mom was right..
to anonymous,

Lol, i'm very sorry though. Obviously without asking u can find out my real name, didn't i put the link to the site there?

Anyway, u're not a stranger, u're friend but without a real identity, everybody's a stranger to anyone else. =))

You know how some people can get paranoid nowadays....
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