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Friday, November 03, 2006

A pencil and an eraser

I like this Japanese proverb...
"Dare ni mo machigai wa aru
dakara empitsu ni mo
keshigomu ga tsuite iru."
Everyone makes mistakes.That's why
there is an eraser on every pencil.
Nobody is perfect, because perfectness is only for Allah The Almighty. And we human, do make mistakes, so forgive and forget to erase them while never forget to ask for Allah's forgiveness.
"Astaghfirullahal a'zim
Allazi laailahaillahu wal hayyul qayyum
wa atuubu ilaik"
Me : Fa'fuu wasfahu...=>

6 buah bicara:

somebody was here.. tak berkesempatan utk membaca sume.. akan melawat lagi!

To Somebody,

Whoever u are, thanx for visiting. I don't have much here in this blog, just some rambling post, that's all, but if u find it interesting, come visit again. Actually i don't post much nowadays, lotta stuff to do, u see... exams, classes, and lectures all the way.
But i'll try to post something, at least once a week...insyaAllah.

Salam Balqis!

I'm soo sorry for not visiting you sis! Actually it was because you didn't post for a looong while :D But I see you have a lot of work to do. I wish you tawfiq inshaAllah! Oh and wonderful post mashallah!

Take care sister,

Thanx Cevris, yeah i wish i have more time for blogging, lot of things to share u see...
loved the quote alot too..

it's true.. no body's perfect.. :)
To hamba,

Owh saudara cekedess ke, welcome welcome.

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