Life is a serious matter.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Would you laugh, or.... just nod?

I saw this neatly pasted notice on the toilet door while wandering around, waiting for class to begin...

Please don't kill me...

This is too direct...

Very direct. =D

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mom, you're the best!!

It was a stupid idea of mine. I was totally tired of doing my Internal Disease notes, ten pages and my fingers are like stone, so cramp it can't move normally, what else with my already fatigue arm due to its overusing during our badminton practice last Sunday (it was actually our physical training time which was supposed to be our basketball training but coincidently there was a University Closed Badminton Tournament and the Badminton couch somehow let me play with HER OWN RACKET). How fortunate, i thought. So now, i'm suffering from an overstrain of right arm, hyperfunction, i guess.

So, I stopped for a while, stretched my arm, took a deep breath and looked at my notebook's monitor screen. Emptiness. Time for some exploring. I don't know what and where to start, and this childish idea came to my mind. I typed my full name on google and clicked the search tab, eager to find out what will appear on the screen. This is otherwise known as 'perasan or syok sendiri'(dunno what's the term in english). Approximately 1.5 sec later, lots and lots of names similar to mine was visible. I tried to find the most close to me, which describe me or at least which have something to do with me....

And, aha....

Here's one, unbelievable to my own view, i clicked on the stated web address and....

My name is on the third line under SPM 2003
(click the image above for the site's link)

saw my name listed down together with other students who got excellence in their SPM exam. Wow, this was long time ago, almost 4 years had gone and it was still here? As if i can't believe what i saw, i read on and finally it became crystal clear to me. This was some appreciation or rather a somekind of congratulation ceremony for children whose parents are the members of PUSPANITA. As long as I remember, I've never been to one, ever since my PMR result came out. Yeah, I remember clearly now, it was MY MOM who went and took the certificate twice, (one in 2002 and 2004) instead of me who was still in school/matriculation and can't attend the ceremony.

And now, remembering all those past memories, brought tears to my eyes. I don't care about my name on that site, what i care now is my mom. I can't remember if I ever said thank you to her for taking her own time and replacing me for both the ceremonies i never had the chance to attend. I know every mom in the world would do the same for their children. That is just one reason (out of thousands and thousands of other reasons) why I love my mom very much forever and ever and now being millions of kilometers away i really miss her too.
Looking with teary eyes at my own name on the screen, there was a silent whisper of appreciation inside me to my far away beloved mother.

Thank You, Ibu.

Yeah, it was a long ago story, the old ME, the ME that I used to be.

And now, i don't know why i'm being such a lazy daisy, i don't know where my hardworkingness (is it exist such word?) have gone.

Okay, enough, enough, enough. I'm outta here. Have to finish my notes, right? Wish me all the best for tomorrow and the day after, for I not know what lay in front of me, better or worse only He knows.


p/s : Another time u're getting bored, just typed your own name and google search, sometimes what you find will surprise you. I just did. =>

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Long Time Gone

I love this poem very much, but i didn't know who's the author. Found it in one of Abu Hassan Morad's Islamic Novel -Julia-. I copied it, and have been keeping it for quite a long time. It's indeed a very good reminding poem.

Frenetic and heartless life may seem,
Enjoy your time here is no in between,
Years disappears gone so very fast,
Hold on to all you have make it last.
Consciously unaware of threatening skies,
many thoughts flash before your eyes.
Times were tough had to fill the larder,
Maybe sometimes could have tried a bit harder.
Children grow quickly and drift away,
Some come back just to say g'day.
If by some chance we could have our lives over,
Yes, we would know it is not all clover.
As we look back we have stood the test,
Now it is time for a bloody long test.

"...These were ever quick in emulation in goodworks; they used to call on Us in love and reverence, and humble themselves before Us."


Ruskaya Ziima (Russian Winter)

Its snowing outside
All turn to white
cold and frozen
but what a beautiful scene, MasyaAllah.
Have they not travelled in the land and seen the nature of the consequences for those who were before them? They were stronger than this in power, and they dug the earth and they built Upon it more than these have built. Messengers of their own came unto them with clear proofs (of Allah's Sovereignty). Surely Allah wronged them not, but they did wrong themselves.

Malaysian and 'Open House'

You can't separate this two. For Malaysian, or else being a Malaysian, attending or having an open house is like an obligation. Wherever you are, this is like a tradition you can never avoid. Because, only then i think that you can spare some times visiting your friends, relatives, and your far far way families.

Its same here in Ukraine, everybody, yeah almost everybody will have an open house, or i'd rather say, an open 'room'(because we live in a hostel). Being far away from family, we created our own small community here, and bad or good, we are yet, a family.

I don't know how this tradition started, but it has been long practised in our country. As far back as I could remember, this tradition started when we're having the Gong Xi Raya (the Chinese New Year clashed with Eid Mubarak). It doesn't exist such celebration, of course, but in Malaysia, where it is a multiracial country, 'understanding' is the key for maintaning peace. Even now, recently we're having a so called Deeparaya (because the Deepavali is one day before Syawal). Could you ever imagine that? For Malaysian, this is a good symbolic of unity. But in Islam, are we permitted to actually together celebrate other religions festives?

Because we're living in a multiracial country, 'respect' is another key for maintaning peace. So, i guess respecting their tradition is not a problem. If they invite you to their open house, fulfill it, this is where we show that Islam respect other religion as long as they respect Islam. But only to an extent of respecting, not practising what they do during their festives celebration. In term of being an open-minded, you're actually being a narrow-minded. Please do not mix religion and tradition, they're two distinctly separate things.

Having Indians or Chineses as friends, you couldn't avoid to understand their tradition and lifestyles. My principe is do not make wall between them and you, in that case they won't have the chance to know and learn Islam ( I mean they might have some bad or wrong interpretation about muslim and Islam).

Anyway we -or rather I- , received some open house invitation (with card and my name on it)amid the pack shcedule we have. For some, an open house is when you get to eat a lot of variety of foods, get to wear nice clothes and whatever your intention are, the most important is an open house is where we get close to each other as muslims, becuase its not everyday you get to visit each other. Spend some time and spread some love, tie some bond and tighten some ukhwah, this is how a community of small Muslim here should work, insyaAllah.

Our 'little gathering' on the morning of eid, bismillah.... =p

Actually, i want to admit that I'm really sorry I couldn't attend some open house invitation. =<>

And thanx to those who invited me, really i had a good time eating and knowing more friends. May Allah bless you all for spending your time cooking and serving. =>

Me : Sorry i don't have an open house this year, insyAllah next year. =)))

Friday, November 03, 2006

A pencil and an eraser

I like this Japanese proverb...
"Dare ni mo machigai wa aru
dakara empitsu ni mo
keshigomu ga tsuite iru."
Everyone makes mistakes.That's why
there is an eraser on every pencil.
Nobody is perfect, because perfectness is only for Allah The Almighty. And we human, do make mistakes, so forgive and forget to erase them while never forget to ask for Allah's forgiveness.
"Astaghfirullahal a'zim
Allazi laailahaillahu wal hayyul qayyum
wa atuubu ilaik"
Me : Fa'fuu wasfahu...=>