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Monday, February 05, 2007

Islam In Netherlands

Salam dear brothers and sisters,

Here's a video about our sisters in Netherlands. This video focuses on the lives of some Dutch Muslim women and their families. Their life as Muslims in Europe. MashaAllah, they really love and practice their deen as much as they can. They try their best to make their families be comfortable and understand why they took the decisions that they did to become Muslim and to worship Allah alone. Taken from Turn To Islam.

It is not an easy life as a new convert yes, but all in all they managed to go on with their new life. Its amazing how some of their parents tried to suit themselves with the 'new' children of them. Ironically, a lot of Muslims which were born as Muslims nowadays revert to other religions. Weird, ha??

Nice video to watch, may their heart stay in Islam forever and ever, insyaALlah.

Me : I love this quote "You have the 'bad hair day' but we have the 'bad hijaab day'"

2 buah bicara:

SubhanAllah! This is so amazing. Couldn't watch the whole video, but even to see her dressing and the light in her eyes while telling her story makes your eyes filled, mashaAllah! Thanx for sharing sis and also special thanx for tagging me ;)
Take care!
Glad you're back Cevris sister, alhamdulillah.

Really, i miss u very much! =)

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