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Friday, May 01, 2009

Best Things In Life

Stumbled upon this. Nothing, just stumble. Oh, yeah I stumble often these days. Inspiration, you know. I'll share with you what else I've stumbled upon. So long!

Oh, and Happy Labor's Day!

Do doctors get a day off on Labor's Day?

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This is indeed a superb quote. Sangat tepat but of course kita (sayalah) kadang2 terlupa akan hakikat ini..

Thanks for sharing Balqis!

p/s:Balqis, saya nak minta sedikit bantuan on behalf edu.iluvislam.com boleh ke?

We don't have yet any article on Medicine in Ukraine and kalau boleh memang nak berkongsi dengan orang ramai yang there is a medical course kat Ukraine..maka..boleh ke Balqis/ mana2 warga Ukraine write a short article on it? Kalau Balqis setuju, I will message further details to you on fbook insyaAllah.

Erm..boleh ke?
A'qilahIndeed it is. Notice or not, we're always more materialistic than we think we are. *Sigh*

You're welcome!!

p/s: I don't have facebook (in the meantime) anymore. Anyway, you can always mail me: aqieya_86@yahoo.com

I'll try my best to be of any help to you, InsyaAllah...
Ya, thank you...itu yang mampu :)
FaridrashidiYa, sama-sama... itu yang mampu juga :)
Opps, what the answer than. Left me wondering about the exact answer.

Doctor didn't get day off on the labour day. Well, to be exact depands on your luck. If the department have more stuff at that current day and the leader of the department approve your request to take the break.

Since Kak's husband is doctor, I know well the rules. Be prepared dear.:)
Kak SumayyahThis is my guess about the answer - love, religion, faith, God, trust etc. - all the non-things-but-vital for human 'stuff'. Difference on individual, depends what's best for you. I guess, the best things for muslims like us are Iman, Islam and Allah's love.

Owh, Kak. Please don't break the news. *Feeling down*. Whichever way, the 1st three years aren't going to be smooth. Eheh, no holidays, no raya, no sleep. Though I could already guessed the answer, I'm just curious to ask. (^_^)

Really, Kak. Thanx for the advance advice. Now I'm scared. Tihihi... (-_^)

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